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How To Scan To PDF: Document Imaging For Business

Document imaging or scanning is a large part of going paperless in your business. Learn how to scan to PDF or TIF format and their advantages.

One of the main parts of going paperless in your business is converting all of those paper files to electronic format. For many companies, this means scanning or "imaging" those paper documents into a digital, computerized version. One of these electronic versions is the PDF file type. So, how do you scan to PDF? Let's start with a little background.

What is PDF?
PDF stands for Portable Document Format. "PDF is a file format used to represent documents in a manner independent of application software, hardware, and operating system" - Wikipedia. Basically, this means that PDF is kind of a "universal" file type for documents. You can open and view a PDF on most computers and devices regardless of whether you have a Mac or a Windows machine, mobile device, etc. 

​Scan to PDF
When you scan a paper document into electronic format, you are actually creating a digital image of that document (hence the term "document imaging"). One option is to "scan to PDF". This means that the electronic version of your document will be in PDF format. There are other formats you can choose from as well. For example, DynaFile images documents in TIF format by default because TIF documents generally have a smaller file size than PDF documents.

Going paperless with document imaging
Scan-to-cloud systems like DynaFile make going paperless a painless process. You can use scanning automation features to image an entire folder full of documents at once. Best of all, all of those documents get automatically indexed as they are scanned into the system. This means you can search for documents based on different taxonomies and categories instead of thumbing through hundreds or thousands of documents to find that one critical piece of information. 

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