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How To Manage and Distribute Employee Handbook Online

The rise in cloud technology has made collaborating on documents and distributing files securely an easy task. Here's how to take your employee handbook online.

Any time a new employee is hired or a new SOP is added to the list, a copy of the latest employee handbook has to get sent out. Keeping track of all of the different versions can get confusing when there's a bunch of different employees working on it. An even bigger challenge is the question of how to distribute it securely and efficiently throughout the organization. Cloud software can help human resource departments manage employee handbooks online for easy version tracking and secure, immediate distribution.

An ever-changing business world.
Let's face it, things change fast in today's business world. In order to keep up with an ever-evolving ecosystem of new technology, compliance requirements and corporate initiatives, HR needs to be constantly updating the standard operating procedures that every employee is expected to follow. This means making changes to the employee handbook all the time, but it comes with a tricky administrative task: How do we keep track of this ever-changing document? 

Cloud collaboration makes life easier for teams.
Cloud collaboration software lets teams work together on documents over the internet. By managing your employee handbook online, HR can track changes to the document, leave comments and page-level annotations, add review markup and keep a full version history. The best part about cloud collaboration is that it doesn't matter where your team resides. You could have 3 employees in one location and 5 more across the country all working together in real time without leaving their offices.

Online document storage allows for secure, immediate distribution.
When you store your employee handbook online you allow for a much easier distribution of materials. Long gone are the days of emailing a large document as an attachment. Employee handbooks many times contain protected corporate information that should not be seen by non-employees. Emailing it as an attachment is not a secure method of delivery. Instead, cloud services allow you to send a secure, encrypted link to the file. Users can be required to sign in first before viewing and the link can also be set to expire after a certain amount of time. Best of all, if you are using the same system to manage onboarding paperwork, a secure link to the online employee handbook can be embedded directly into your electronic acknowledgement form.

A completely paperless employee file system.
The same technology mentioned above can also be used to store and manage all of your employee files electronically. The process starts with onboarding where HR selects the appropriate onboarding packet (the latest version of the employee handbook is automatically included in the package). They enter the new employee's name and email address and the packet is delivered via secure, encrypted link. The new employee follows the link to their onboarding documents. They are able to review all information, complete all forms and electronically sign everything online. When they are finished, the new employee file is created in the system automatically, all of their onboarding documents are autofiled, and HR is notified to review and approve everything.

If you would like to learn more about managing your employee handbook online or going paperless with your employee files let us know! DynaFile is a scan to cloud employee file system. We let you take your personnel records paperless fast and then manage all of your employee information securely from the cloud. You can collaborate on documents from your online filing cabinet, use electronic signatures and web forms for paperless onboarding and much, much more. Contact us today!

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