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How To Convert To Electronic Personnel Files

Paper employee files can get disorganized very quickly. Making the transition to digital format is easy, but may seem a little scary at first. Here are some tips on how to convert to electronic personnel files.

HR deals with a ton of paperwork as it is. Why not make it easier for them to manage employee files? By converting to electronic personnel files, your department can gain an enormous amount of efficiency, eliminate new paper from being generated and reduce costs significantly.

Here are some time-saving tips on how to convert to electronic personnel files:

Convert to electronic personnel files quicker with scan to cloud technology
Scan to cloud filing systems like DynaFile allow HR to convert to electronic personnel files quicker by automating a large chunk of the process. For example, DynaFile uses barcode recognition and OCR (optical text recognition) to index an entire employee file at once, separate it out into its separate documents and file everything automatically in an online filing cabinet. This can be done with multiple employee files at once, making bulk imports very quick and easy.

Stop generating new paper after converting to electronic personnel files
Paperless systems like DynaFile also allow HR to eliminate the creation of new paper documents. Once you convert to electronic personnel files, you won't want to continue managing paper - there's no reason to! DynaFile integrates with DocuSign to provide online forms and electronic signatures so your department no longer has to deal with paper contracts and ink signing. This opens the door to a completely paperless way of doing business. From applications and onboarding, to performance management, benefits information and more; you can completely revolutionize your business through going paperless in HR first.

Converting to electronic personnel files benefits the whole company
The benefits of converting to electronic personnel files are HUGE! Online filing systems like DynaFile let you organize employee files in whatever way works best for your business. Each document stored in the system in catalogued with indexing information that can be used to search for the document. This way, you don't need to remember "where" something is saved, just search for the name of the employee who's file you're looking for. Or, you can even search for a document type like "performance review" to pull up performance reviews for a group of employees and run an on the fly report. And this is just the basic way the system works. Other benefits include:

  • Free up a massive amount of physical office space by going paperless
  • Increase efficiency within HR by reducing time to file and retrieve documents
  • Increase efficiency between departments by connecting DynaFile to existing information systems like Payroll, HRIS, HCM, etc
  • Automate filing and document distribution workflows
  • Digitize and largely automate the onboarding process
  • Reduce costs associated with paper printing, mailing, copying, etc
  • Roll out your paperless system to other departments and easily connect them to streamline information across the entire company

Learn more about converting to electronic personnel files
At DynaFile, we have helped HR departments of all sizes - midmarket companies through global organizations - convert to electronic employee files and adopt a paperless document management process. Our solution covers all bases to fill the document management gap left by even some of the best HRIS software. Get in touch with us today to learn more about converting to electronic employee files and to view a live web demo. We are also currently offering a free trial of our system so you can be sure it is a good fit for your department before deciding to buy. Contact us today for more information.

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