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Electronic Filing System: Software That Keeps Business Files Organized & Accessible

Electronic filing system software boost productivity by increasing organization and reducing the time required to find and file documents.

Is your company currently filing all or most of its documents in paper format? Maybe you're using a network file share, but have to make it only accessible to a few administrative users due to security and compliance? Although a great step from paper-based filing, network file shares are really lacking when it comes to practicality and ease of use. Now with electronic filing system software, your employees can have instant access to files, yet maintain a high level of security and control over who is able to view and manage what. 

The switch to an electronic filing system
Software has finally replaced those bulky, disorganized filing cabinets. Now by converting to electronic format, you can actually fit all of the documents from a FULL four-drawer filing cabinet into just 1 gig of space in an electronic system filing system. Software lets you consolidate all of that information into basically no space at all and still retain multiple backups for security. To put that in perspective, you can probably eliminate all of the paper files in your department and still be under DynaFile's minimum subscription. And, with scanning automation features, the conversion process is actually an extremely quick and simple one - you can convert and index an entire file folder in just a few seconds.  

The power of document indexing
Electronic filing system software like DynaFile uses a series of categories to index all of your documents. The way your system's indexing is set up is flexible and will depend on the department or type of business you are in. For example, many HR departments use DynaFile to store their employee files. So, usually each employee document is categorized first by employee name and then by document type (tax form, performance report, etc). Additionally, an unlimited amount of other categories can be added to further index the documents in a more granular fashion. The real POWER behind indexing your documents is that now, unlike a file share, you can:

  1. Search for documents based on their indexing information
  2. Control access to certain documents and folders based on their indexing information

So instead of looking through John Smith's entire employee record for that one I-9 from years ago, all you have to do is filter your search for John Smith, Tax Forms, I-9. Even better, you can create user groups to control who can view or modify specific documents in the system. For example, payroll users can access salary and benefits documents, but not medical files.

How electronic filing system software improves productivity
Now that all of your business files are stored electronically with full backup protection, you no longer need to keep those paper files. Use that critical office space for something better; save a ton of money on printer and copier supplies; best of all - save A LOT of time. You don't have to worry about employees taking time to rummage through filing cabinets - the documents they need are available instantly. Also, electronic filing system software like DynaFile includes features that help your organization eliminate paper being generated internally. From cloud collaboration and automated workflow features to electronic signatures and online processing for forms and contracts - DynaFile can truly enable your business to go completely paperless.

Learn more about electronic filing system software
If you're ready to make the transition or are curious and just need a bit more information before jumping in, contact us for a free consultation and a web demonstration. We offer our electronic filing system software free for 30 days to help get you up and running and to make sure we are a good fit for your organization.

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