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Electronic Filing System Helps HR Manage Employee Files

Paper files can cause a business serious headaches. Human Resource departments are looking towards electronic filing systems to manage employee files more efficiently.

Paper filing has become more or less, extinct. Nowadays, electronic filing systems are a universal trend that only seems to be getting stronger. Organizations utilize electronic filing systems in all industries and departments around the world. Besides saving thousands of trees and reducing your business' carbon footprint, switching to electronic files also saves money and boosts productivity. One such example is the use of electronic filing in Human Resources.

Regulations keep filing cabinets overflowing.
Employee information can stack up to a large percentage of a company's files. Regulations from the EEOC and ADEA require that businesses retain employment records for personnel up to 3 years after termination, in addition to all of the documentation associated with current employees. That is a lot of paper to to keep track of! In a paper-based system, it can be a nightmare maintaining these large files as they continuously expand. It's not uncommon to for documents to be misfiled or even lost in such a vast archive.

Electronic filing keeps employee records organized.
Switching to an electronic filing system can help HR better manage employee files. Electronic systems keep files highly organized by indexing. This makes filing a quick process and retrieving documents instantaneous. With this kind of system, it's tough for any documents to be lost. Indexing ensures that files added to the system are stored in the correct location every time.

Compliant storage and audit reports become easy.
When your department is dealing with a paper filing system, employee files are usually split into multiple files per employee. In order to maintain compliance around PHI and other sensitive information, this was traditionally the only way to do it. Now with an electronic filing system, HR can actually combine all employee information into a single comprehensive file per employee. Security features are used to restrict or allow access to specific types of files for specific groups of employees to maintain compliance. This can also be used to provide a self-service portal for personnel. Lastly, audits can be conducted quickly and efficiently using a simple index search. Authorized personnel are able to run reports on specific kinds of documents (I-9's for example) across the entire employee database, making maintaining compliance easier than ever.

If you would like to learn more about using an electronic filing system in your Human Resources department, contact us today. DynaFile is a scan-to-cloud employee file system that lets HR go paperless fast, and then manage employee files more efficiently. Request a demo to see it in action.

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