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Document Imaging Frees Up Office Space, Protects Files and Creates Efficiencies

Document Imaging can help your business manage filing chaos. Scan to cloud solutions combine document imaging and document management to provide added benefits.

Document imaging has become a real stress reliever for businesses with an overabundance of files. If your office still stores their documents inside of bulky, disorganized filing cabinets, document imaging can help manage the chaos. With a paper-based filing system, it's not unusual for important documents to be lost. By scanning or "imaging" your documents, you essentially create an electronic version of them. Electronic files are popular because they can be kept organized much easier than their paper predecessors. Online or "cloud" filing systems can also provide instant retrieval and require very little resources to maintain. 

For example, cloud document management systems store your documents off-site for a small subscription fee. This means that you don't need an IT team, you don't have to install complicated software and you don't have to buy expensive hardware. You simply login to your online filing cabinet from your web browser. "Scan to cloud" solutions take it one step further by combining document imaging with cloud document management. Scan to cloud systems help automate the transition to a paperless office by helping you image and file your documents automatically. That's right - automatically! Special scanning tools index your documents for you as they are imaged and then save them in the correct location in your online filing cabinet.

Document imaging improves more than just efficiency.
Besides increasing efficiency across the board, document imaging can help your organization improve security and free up valuable office space. Electronic files allow for a very granular level of document control. And with scan to cloud solutions, this means so you can consolidate documents from all angles (paper, emails, electronic documents, etc) without compromising compliance. You can centralize information into one filing system, yet ensure that only specific groups of people have access to specific types of documents. For example, there is no longer a need for multiple employee files for the same employee. Simply only assign access to the parts of the file that include protected information to those who need it.

Go paperless to free up office space.
Being able to image a document and store it in the cloud helps free up a huge amount of physical office space. Your filing room - once stacked to the roof with cumbersome file cabinets, overflowing with paper documents - can now be used for more productive means. Those file cabinets likely contribute to a large portion of your office. By eliminating (or at least greatly reducing) the need to keep physical files, document imaging lets you use that space for new desks, an employee lounge, a fresh meeting place, etc. Plus, imagine an office full of clean desks. Just think of how much confusion can be averted when everyone can access the information they need instantly without shuffling through a mountain of paper.

Document imaging protects files from natural disasters.
Hundreds of horrific tales exist where businesses lost important documents due to natural disasters. If your company uses a paper filing system, the thought of losing all of your business critical documentation is likely to keep any business leader awake at night. Imagine a hurricane completely destroying all of your files - horrific!

With document imaging, everything is digitized. This means that backups can be created automatically every day, every hour or even every few minutes (depending on your requirements). Cloud filing systems like DynaFile take it even one step further. Your entire filing system has redundant backups in multiple locations. This means that your documents are backed up to data centers spread throughout the country of the world so in the event of a large scale disaster, your files are always safe. Wherever you have an Internet connection, you can retrieve those files without losing anything. In business continuity plans, this aspect is critical so your organization isn't shut down for weeks, months, or even permanently.

Learn more about document imaging and scan to cloud filing.
Here at DynaFile, we make scan to cloud software that combines document imaging with cloud document management. Our system is compliant with most industry regulations and provides instant retrieval without compromising security. We've been helping companies go paperless for over a decade so contact us today for a free consultation.

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