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Cloud HR Centralizes Dispersed Office Locations

Large organizations have a tough time managing HR information between multiple office locations. Cloud HR can help.

Any HR professional is no stranger to the seemingly endless stack of documents that collage the office. While computers have been helpful in storing this information for some time, the increase in dispersed business locations in recent years poses a unique challenge to those in HR. If there is more than one central office it can become very difficult to update data in a timely fashion while ensuring the information is available to all those who need it. The addition of cloud technology in any company that has a substantial HR department will both prevent data loss and make updating/adding records much faster.

Some ways that cloud technology improves HR include:

Streamlined Sharing:
With the use of cloud document management software it is possible to bring several different departments of HR together under one system. This means that if one record is updated in the system, all of the other HR office see that update reflected immediately. One could think of it as being a central filing cabinet that all HR offices in an organization can access. This allows for easy information sharing and increased communication between different locations. 

Today's cloud systems let HR do away with many of the old costs such as in house servers, large IT departments and other labor costs associated with maintaining an in house electronic filing system. These days, the software being used enables huge savings through cloud solutions. There is no longer any hardware to buy, software to install or updates to make. Your cloud provider should take care of most of the maintenance for you so HR can simply login through a standard web browser to access employee files.

If an HR professional happens to be away on a business trip they no longer have to rely on someone else's interpretation of what they are seeing on screen being conveyed over the phone. It is now possible to review and/or modify data via cloud HR from anywhere that someone happens to have Internet access.

Cloud HR systems have become extremely secure. Many include a number of compliance and security features with your standard contract. For example, the data centers where your files are stored should be audited regularly to ensure they are using the most effective security measures. Also, your system should include a variety of compliance features like document version tracking, audit trail, etc. Being able to have everything updated on the HR system via a secure connections means that someone can work on it from anywhere while also keeping everyone else in the loop.

For questions about how a cloud system can help your organization's Human Resources department, contact us today for more information.

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