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4 Reasons Your Business Needs Online File Storage

Online file storage lets your employees find the business-critical information they need instantly and allows teams to collaborate more effectively.

With the plethora of technology and online services in the world today, choosing the right programs and systems to run your business efficiently can be overwhelming. Online file storage is a great way to keep your files organized and helps streamline business across the entire organization.

1. Easily Upload Files
A scanner and computer software are all you need to scan and upload your documents to your online file system. There are many types of scanners to choose from to fit your business needs. A lot of times your office multifunction scanner / copier will work just fine. If your department has decided to go paperless and you need to digitize your archived paper files, many businesses will just rent a second scanner for the duration for he project to cut conversion time in half. The most common electronic file formats to convert your paper files to is pdf and tif. Pdf is more popular, but tif format is quite a bit smaller, saving your company money when using a "price per gig" online file storage solution. You should choose the file format that works best for your business. 

2. Efficiently Organize and Store Files
Online file storage will help your business become more efficient through a logical, organized file system. There are many ways to store files. Arranging online files alphabetically in virtual folders is a common way to store documents, but it's not the only way to organize them. Metadata-based systems can actually categorize your files into "document types" and other indexing properties and then file them in the correct location automatically. With DynaFile, these indexing properties are fully customizable to fit any department. The goal is to help your business run more efficiently, so you can organize your files in a way that makes the best sense to your area of business.

3. Effortlessly Retrieve Files
Once your documents are scanned, labeled, and organized into your online file system, you can retrieve them with the click of a button. You'll save yourself time and many a trip to the file cabinet or file room. If you're using a metadata-based system, you can do an index search for the document you are looking for to pull it up quickly by client name, date range, or any other number of identifiers. Plus, your documents are also ready to be shared securely via encrypted document links so you never have to worry about oversized email attachments.

4. Readily Search Documents with OCR Text Recognition
Once your documents are saved and/or scanned into the system, you will be able to search individual documents by using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) or Text Recognition features. This lets you find the information you are looking for within a specific document fast.

If you would like to learn more about online file storage, contact us today. DynaFile's online file system is easy to use and requires no installation. It includes scanning automation features to help your business go paperless fast, and then easily manage all of your files online. Let us help you transform your business today!

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