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Need an easy way to manage employee files?

Ensuring employee files are secure, organized and accessible is critical to keeping HR running smoothly. DynaFile makes employee file management simple. Our cloud filing system lets your team securely access employee files from anywhere at any time. Add documents to an employee's electronic file from anywhere: paper files, electronic documents, emails, HRIS, ATS, onboarding and more. Consolidating employee information has never been easier!

You no longer need 3 to 5 folders per employee. Segmented access rules let you keep one comprehensive file per employee without sacrificing compliance. Simply assign your team members access to only the staff folders and types of documents within that they should have authorization to view in DynaFile. Documents that they don't have access to will be completely hidden from them when they log in.

Best of all, DynaFile makes HR audit preparation completely stress-free. Custom audit reports ensure your employee folders are up-to-date with all required documents so your team is always prepared in the event of an audit. When the time comes to make your files available to the auditor, give them limited access to just the files they have requested so they no longer have to come into the office. Want to see how it works?

Instant File Retrieval

Securely access employee information from anywhere, at anytime.

Get the information you need when you need it! DynaFile is a cloud document management system that provides secure, instant access to your staff files regardless of where your staff or HR team are located. A simple Index Search returns an employee's electronic file with just a couple of clicks.

Alternatively, a filtered search can bring back just the documents you have requested. For example: Instantly pull up just Performance Reviews from the past 2 years for Sales staff in the New York City office. Using DynaFile's search box, your team can retrieve all or just a subset of employee information to simplify day-to-day workflows.

Personnel File Retrieval Software

  HIPAA Compliant HR File Storage Solution  

Segmented Access Rules

Control access to specific sections of employee files for different roles.

Consolidate without sacrificing compliance! DynaFile allows you to limit access to specific sections of employee files like Medical or Benefits that contain Protected Health Information (PHI). Access Rules can be controlled on a per-user basis or for an entire group of users. This makes giving Payroll staff limited access to just payroll documents, for example, an extremely easy task. When a user logs in, documents that they don't have access to will be completely hidden from them in DynaFile. 

Additionally, access can be specified for one or more Document Type, Employee Status, Office Location, Department and more. In this way, you can get as granular as you like when designing access rules for your DynaFile system. For example: Give a department manager access to only Performance Reviews for Active employees in New York City office that work in the Sales department. You can even assign access to individual files and folders for internal team reviews.

Share Files With Staff

Use encrypted document links to share documents with staff or auditors.

Share files with staff without printing! DynaFile's encrypted document links are perfect for sharing documents with internal staff or even external parties like auditors and attorneys. Simply select the document(s) you would like to share and DynaFile lets you copy and paste an encrypted link to those files in an email or elsewhere. A nice feature is the ability to include an expiration date for the access link so your team can limit the access window for the documents they are sending out. This is a great solution for getting requested documents from a staff member's folder out to them electronically or as an alternative to giving auditors limited access to specific files in the system.

  Share Personnel Files with Auditors Securely  
Personnel File Audit Software

HR File Audit Tools

Audit reports ensure all employee documentation is complete and up to date.

Being prepared for audits is easy! With DynaFile, custom reports can be created to assist with your internal file audits. Audit reports ensure that employee folders are up-to-date with all required documentation and can be run on-the-fly or automatically emailed to your team on a periodic basis. This way, HR is always prepared in the event of an audit.

Best of all, you can give external auditors or attorneys view-only access to just the documents they're requesting no matter where they are. Use segmented access rules or include an expiration date for access with an encrypted document link. It's a win-win for auditors and HR staff alike!

Add Files From Anywhere

Easily add files to employee folders no matter where they are generated.

Move past paper roadblocks! DynaFile makes it extremely simple to add documents to an employee's file. Electronic documents can be brought in to the system via drag-and-drop drive, saved to DynaFile directly out of the application you're working or "virtually printed" into an employee's digital folder. Forms filled out and signed through DocuSign and iCIMS can also be automatically published into the employee's folder in DynaFile once completed. 

Adding paper files to an employee's folder is just as easy. Use Batch Processing to scan a stack of paperwork for different employees. You can organize the entire batch and split it into different documents for specific employees quickly from your browser screen. Barcode Recognition also provides a shortcut to converting your legacy back-files. Simply use barcoded cover sheets to break the folder into its different sections before scanning. As the entire folder is scanning at once, DynaFile will automatically file everything in the correct location for you.

Employee File Management System

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