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Accelerate business and maintain better control of your files by going paperless at your dealership.

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Looking to go paperless at your dealership?

Auto dealers handle a mountain of paperwork every day. From sales to service and parts, there is a lot of documentation that legally needs to be retained for years after an initial transaction. DynaFile’s automotive document management software takes the place of your paper filing system to help the entire organization operate more efficiently. Unique scan to cloud features help automate the conversion of paper files to electronic format so you can do away with bulky filing cabinets.

Accelerate sales processing by replacing paper deal docs with electronic deal jackets that can be completed and signed in a fraction of the time. Invoicing becomes significantly easier when service, repair and parts orders can be sent online and accessed instantly when you need them. Connect to your existing Dealer Management System (DMS) or use DynaFile as a standalone alternative to securely store, manage and share automotive documentation. Want to see how it works?

Electronic Deal Jackets

Keep your customers and sales staff happy by replacing paper deal docs with quick to complete electronic deal jackets.

Do deals in mere minutes! DynaFile integrates with DocuSign to provide custom forms and electronic signatures. Now your sales team can get customer information collected and signed off on in a fraction of the time. Deal jackets can be routed throughout the organization for quick approvals between Sales Managers, Finance, Insurance, etc. Information gathered from fields in deal docs can be pushed to your existing DMS and completed sales packets get automatically filed in the customer’s folder within DynaFile. Secure access lets authorized personnel pull up archived sales documentation by customer, vehicle, sales person or any other custom field. You can even provide customers with a digital copy of their purchase documents!

Simplify Service & Parts Invoicing

Take your service and parts invoicing processes paperless to reduce lag time between your team, vendors and customers.

Why wait! DynaFile lets you take your service and parts invoicing processes paperless. Receive invoices from manufacturers and send parts requests through your own secure web portal to get responses in a fraction of the time. Integrated esignatures let you sign off on parts invoices without printing any paper. Repair orders can now be completed digitally too for greater accuracy and quicker processing. When it’s time for the customer to accept service charges, you can collect their signature electronically without the hassle of enormous carbon copy paperwork. With DynaFile, your documents are stored in a highly organized and easy to use system, giving you instant access to service and parts price guides, repair and purchase orders, invoices and more. A simple search pulls up customer information by name, vehicle or any other custom identifier. And with DynaFile’s on the fly reporting, you can instantly check on order or repair status with just a couple of clicks.

Eliminate Bulky Filing Cabinets

Scan to cloud features let you automate the conversion of paper files to electronic format so you can go paperless fast.

Shred it! DynaFile is a complete scan to cloud document management solution. Our scanning automation features let you get an entire client history file into the system with one single scan. Backfiles and finalized sales documents can be archived into secure cold storage with redundant backup so there is no longer a need for bulky filing cabinets. Retention requirements can be assigned to purge specific sections of records automatically once time limits have been reached. While paper archives are commonly stored offsite and can be extremely tough to access, DynaFile provides secure access to authorized personnel from anywhere at any time. Indexed filing ensures that your records are stored in a highly organized environment that makes compliance with documentation regulations nearly automatic. Easy to use exception reports make sure required documents like Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) are up to date and complete.

Trusted By Hundreds Of Companies

DynaFile in Action

"DynaFile allows all of our employees to work together on documents in order to mroe effectively process title work and provide those documents electronically to our customers."

- Doran M. | Fidelity National Title