In the Era of the Great Resignation, Onboarding Automation can be a Key Strategy for Building an Engaged Workforce.

With Electronic Employee Filing Tools, HR is Better Prepared to Fill the Growing Demand for New Hires.

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The Great Resignation
It has been almost a year since Anthony Klotz, a psychologist, and professor of business administration at Texas A&M University, coined the now-famous phrase when he said, “the great resignation is coming.” His prediction still holds up based on government statistics, with a U.S. quit rate of at least 4 million people leaving their jobs each month since July 2021. Likewise, the numbers go the other way, with a staggeringly high rate of new hires in every major industry. Given these figures, it is time for organizations to move from a reactive state of pandemic survival to a new proactive phase where strategies are put in place to plan for growth. Therefore, companies must lean on HR to find ways to innovate and maintain their ability to attract and retain the right talent.

Empower HR and Adapt to the Future of Work
There is no doubt that HR serves one of the most critical functions in a corporation. They are responsible for employees’ performance, productivity, and efficiency, but more than ever, they need to be the driver to keep the workforce engaged and inspired. In this new era of onsite, remote- and hybrid work environments, they must determine how people can function at their best. In addition, there is a higher awareness of what challenges employees face both inside and outside of work and how to provide extra mental and physical health support to battle the workforce fatigue. Investing in a digital transformation and implementing an electronic filing solution to streamline processes such as onboarding new employees can give HR time to focus on the people who make businesses succeed.

Let’s dive into some of the features of a digital document management system that can add efficiency to your team.

Automated Onboarding Integrations
Streamline onboarding workflows with seamless Integrations.
As companies experience a shift in their workforce, HR can get bogged down with the admin work involved in onboarding a flood of new hires. Implement an electronic employee onboarding solution that gives you the tools to complete the onboarding process remotely. Go digital with online forms from trusted sources such as DocuSign and iCIMS automatically create new hires’ folders. Such systems make it easy for new employees to complete their forms online and all documents are automatically added to their employee records once finished. Powerful integrations sync with your HRIS and streamline personnel record management across the entire employee lifecycle to save time and improve compliance. 

Seamless Integrations & Electronic Signatures
Replace paper forms and contracts with digital versions that can be completed and signed online.
A good document management solution is ready for the challenges of managing employee files in today’s hybrid and distributed workforce. With a quickened pace of changing policies, they often must get written and approved in days, not months. A complete solution will use electronic signatures for internal approval processes or get documents filled out and legally signed without paper forms. If that same system can play well with others and includes integrations with DocuSign, signNow, JotForm, PandaDoc, and Adobe Sign, you can securely send documents to be signed online. Whether used for an internal approval process, onboarding new employees, or getting signed contracts, e-signature integration can help streamline your business process.

Scanning Automation
Automate Administrative Processes with Electronic Employee Filing
Paper filing systems can cause your Human Resources department a great deal of frustration. With all of that paperwork floating around, it becomes easy for documents to get misfiled, lost, or generally inaccessible. Scan-to-cloud document management systems have powerful scanning automation tools built right in. They can include automation tools like barcode recognition that let you spend significantly less time converting paper employee files to electronic format. Another good feature is Batch scanning tools that make it easy to scan in a stack of paper and easily file it away in the correct place from your computer screen. 

Cloud Collaboration
Cloud file storage lets you access and manage employee documents securely from anywhere.
Another successful strategy to keep up with today’s environment ensures that HR can get to shared digital versions of necessary documents anywhere. In a fast-paced workplace, you need to find employee records with a click so you can move on to more significant tasks. Effective systems index documents with metadata properties to be filed automatically and retrieved quickly. The metadata also allows you to run reports on-the-fly across your entire online filing cabinet at once. You can keep track of required and expiring documents in staff folders automatically, so there is never a scramble in the event of an audit. It’s a huge plus and compliance booter if there is segmented access, so permissions can be set for individual users or groups of users and applied to specific types of documents. You can give auditors access to specific documents while eliminating file requests from payroll, location partners, and department managers and they can view them remotely from the cloud.

Discover Industry-Leading Electronic Employee Filing & Welcome in the Great Retention
A paperless, cloud-based HR employee file management system could offer your organization many vital benefits and quickly become HRs best friend. Automating your document management solution gives time back to your team to focus on strategic initiatives and drive business goals forward. 

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