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DynaFile's scan to cloud document management system provides an effective solution for companies to move from paper to electronic files. Flexible enough to provide valuable file management processes to staff in any area of the business, DynaFile is a practical solution that can be rolled out across the entire organization. Your teams will enjoy tighter file organization, accelerated record retrieval, improved document security and easier collaboration. There's no longer a need for pen-and-paper processes. 

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Featured Solution: Human Resources

DynaFile puts your Human Resources department on the fast track to a paperless office. Give time back to your team by streamlining employee onboarding and switching to electronic personnel files.

DynaFile is a popular solution for helping HR:

  • Consolidate employee files across multiple locations with HIPAA compliant cloud storage
  • Keep files organized and accessible to authorized staff from anywhere
  • Stay prepared for audits with reporting for required and expiring documents in employee folders
  • Convert back files fast with scanning automation tools and scanning service partners
  • Onboard new hires completely electronically with DocuSign and iCIMS
  • Share files securely online with staff and auditors
  • Automatically update employee data by syncing with your HRIS or Payroll system

 Document Management for Accounting Departments


DynaFile provides your team with a powerful solution for managing Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable documents. Eliminate the need for bulky, disorganized filing cabinets and get full control of your files.

Organizations that use DynaFile in the Accounting department can: 

  • Keep files highly organized and instantly accessible from the cloud
  • Securely share documents with clients, vendors and staff with just a few clicks
  • Quickly add documents to the system in any format, including paper and web pages
  • Run file audit reports to ensure folders are up to date with required documents
  • Convert existing back files fast with scanning automation tools

Contract Document Management

Contract Management

DynaFile can help your legal team:

  • Have access to the documents they need from anywhere, at any time
  • Pull up files instantly by client, vendor, expiration date or other custom identifiers
  • Securely share and collaborate on legal files online
  • Save time with online workflows and esignatures
  • Be prepared in the event of an audit with custom file audit reports

 Distribution Document Management


DynaFile makes it easy to keep files for manufacturing, freight, distribution, transportation and logistics organized. Get rid of all of that paper and ensure your teams always have access to the documents they need when they're on the road.

Using DynaFile, organizations can achieve a higher level of efficiency by:

  • Giving remote and delivery staff access to documents securely from anywhere, at any time
  • Automatically receiving and filing invoices and bills of lading
  • Easily adding documents to the system no matter what format they're in
  • Receiving esignatures in seconds via DocuSign
  • Quickly converting paper back files to electronic documents

 Electronic Student Files


School districts, universities and other educational institutions use DynaFile to manage student files more efficiently from the cloud. Save your admin staff from tedious paper processes and introduce them to the ease of electronic student files.

DynaFile's used by education professionals to:

  • Consolidate student documentation into a secure and compliant filing system
  • Retrieve student files instantly by name, ID, grade, document type or other identifiers
  • Easily add documents to student folders no matter what format they're in
  • Share documents from student records securely over the internet
  • Receive signatures and approvals from parents and students
  • Automatically sync student data from your LMS

EMR and EHR Management Software


Use DynaFile as an alternative to expensive electronic medical record (EMR) and EHR systems. Simple to use and easy to setup, this cloud system is ideal for medical offices, private practices, health insurance providers and health service providers in order to store and manage confidential patient records.

DynaFile gives Healthcare professionals the power to:

  • Access patient files easily from a central, compliant location
  • Pull up documents by patient name, ID, document type or other custom identifiers
  • Receive patient and doctor signatures in seconds via DocuSign
  • Securely send documents to out-of-network providers with encrypted links and efax
  • Easily add paper or digital documents to patient folders no matter where they're generated
  • Convert paper medical records to EMR fast with scanning automation

  Property and Tenant File Management  

Real Estate

Real estate, title and property management professionals utilize DynaFile to maintain control of their files. Deals close quicker and admin tasks are streamlined when all of your documents can be managed from the cloud.

DynaFile is used in the Real Estate industry to:

  • Close deals quicker with DocuSign esignatures
  • Give team members instant access to the files they need from anywhere
  • Retrieve files instantly by your own custom identifiers
  • Store, manage and collaborate on documents in the cloud
  • Share files securely online with other offices
  • Easily scan and manage paper alongside digital documents

     File Management Software for Staffing Agencies


DynaFile is used by staffing agencies to improve new hire onboarding and contractor file management. Do away with overflowing file drawers and streamline your entire team by taking your process paperless.

Staffing agencies like DynaFile because it provides them with:

  • An efficient, paperless onboarding process suitable for high turnover
  • Instant file retrieval by name, ID, client, document type or other custom identifiers
  • A secure way to share files online with clients, contractors and team members
  • Full control over access rules for different individuals, groups and types of documents
  • Custom audit reports to ensure all contractor folders are up to date with required files
  • Quick back file conversion to get rid of existing paper files

  Cloud Document Management Software Solutions      

Other Solutions

DynaFile is a practical document management solution for just about any area of business. Designed to be naturally dynamic, the system is flexible enough to be tailored to the needs of your specific office. If you're looking for an easy way to take your existing files paperless or simply need a better way to manage your files, DynaFile may be a great solution for you.

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