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Indexing ensures your documents are filed in the correct location every time.
Indexed File Management System

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Keeping track of files is tough. Filing cabinets quickly become disorganized and papers can easily be misfiled or lost. Network file shares offer a slightly better solution, but employees still need to maintain naming conventions and drill down through layers upon layers of folders to ensure a document is stored properly and can be found again when someone needs it. To make filing and retrieving your documents as quick and simple as possible, DynaFile indexes them with metadata. The indexing information is used to automatically file your documents and then retrieve them instantly from anywhere.

Metadata Indexing

DynaFile indexes documents with metadata properties so they can be filed automatically and retrieved quickly.

Metadata is "data about data" - or in this case, data about your documents. To fit your business process, you can choose what kind of indexing fields and values DynaFile uses to categorize and store your files depending on your department and industry. Later, when you want to retrieve a document, simply do an index search to find files by their properties instead of drilling down through folder after folder.

Document Management Metadata Index
Document Management Tags and Categories

Document Types

Document type indexing categorizes files to keep them organized and easy to find.

One indexing property that all DynaFile systems has is the Document Type property. This is the basic category that your document falls into. For example, a Contract or an Invoice. When retrieving files, the Document Type property can be cross-referenced with any of your other indexing fields to run a quick filtered search. It can also be used to run reports for a specific type of document across the entire filing cabinet.

Additional Index Fields

Any number of additional index fields can be added to further classify documents as your business process demands.

DynaFile is flexible enough to meet your document management needs no matter what area of business you are in. You can move your current filing strategy to DynaFile or implement one with unlimited granularity - whatever makes the most sense for your business.

Cross Reference Filing System

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