How to Organize Electronic Files with an Indexed Filing System

Keeping your files organized is tough! Here is how to organize electronic files using an indexed filing system.

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Changing over to a paperless office can be beneficial for both your business and your clients. Attempting to keep hard copies of business records reduces your ability to keep company and customer data controlled and secured – not to mention the looming threat of those files being lost or destroyed. By having an electronic system that can provide secure storage as well as improve operational efficiency through saving time and space, you can create a positive impact on your bottom line. Record management success is achieved by using an indexed filing system that knows exactly how to organize electronic files efficiently. Here are 4 reasons why an indexed filing system is key to keeping your electronic files organized.

Instant Retrieval

Indexed filing systems utilize metadata properties to categorize or classify the documents you store inside. These metadata index values allow documents to be filed automatically and retrieved rapidly. Metadata is often classified as a resource discovery tool. This means it allows resources to be found by searching on related criteria (for example, all documents that have to do with specific Employee or Customer). You can even cross-reference multiple index fields to bring back a more specific result (for example, all I-9 forms for all Active employees).

Better Organization

Indexed filing systems let you stop worrying about how to organize electronic files because your documents are filed in the correct location every time. Since your documents are automatically filed according to their metadata properties, less time is spent worrying about naming conventions and the correct folder to save things in. Trying to locate a document now becomes very quick and easy. It is common to be able to pull up the document(s) you need in about 3 seconds with an indexed system – without ever leaving your desk.

Controlled Access

Now that your documents are indexed, the question changes from, “how to organize electronic files?” to “how to control access to those files?” Indexed filing systems give you the ability to be very granular when controlling access to documents stored inside. Administrators can assign access according to specific index values. For example, you can create a Group for all of your Regional Sales Managers and give them access to just the Performance Review and Time & Attendance sections of employee files – just for Active staff in their Region.

Robust Reporting

Indexed filing systems also allow you to run reports based on various index values. Some systems will even let you create custom reports from your existing business rules. For example, HR departments commonly like to run internal Audit Reports to ensure all employee folders are complete and up-to-date. On a weekly basis, HR can automatically receive an email with an report detailing exactly which employees are missing which required documents from their folders and which employees have training or certification coming up for renewal in the next 30 / 60 / 90 days.  

Keeping track of files can be painful because drawers quickly become disorganized and papers can easily be misfiled or lost. Fortunately, businesses can now go paperless fast by automating the process and getting massive amounts of paper scanned, indexed and stored in a safe and secure electronic system. Increased productivity and more control of time and space are just some of the benefits to your business.

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