Drag & Drop Drive

Easily add documents to DynaFile!

Add files to your electronic filing system with a simple drag-and-drop drive.
Drag and Drop Filing System

No need to waste time finding the right folder.

Filing with paper documents can be a seriously time-consuming process. Using a basic electronic file share isn't that much better. Staff still have to find the right folder location and remember to use the correct naming conventions when saving files. Filing doesn't have to be this tough, though.

DynaFile improves your filing process by making it quick and easy to add documents to the system. Use the Drag & Drop Drive to bring your documents into DynaFile with one smooth motion. You can add one document at a time or drag-and-drop multiple files at once. In case there's no easy way to drag-and-drop, you can also Save To DynaFile or Virtually Print To DynaFile out of any application you're currently working in. It doesn't matter where your files are generated. It's always easy to add them to DynaFile!

Drag & Drop Drive

Bring files into the system with one smooth motion.

The DynaFile Drag & Drop Drive is the quickest way to add electronic documents to the system. Simply drag-and-drop one or multiple documents directly into the Save To DynaFile folder. A small window will appear and ask you to enter the required index information for that document. Typically this will be things like employee, client or vendor Name; along with the Document Type. If you dragged in more than one document, DynaFile will ask you index them one after another. You can also simply save them in the queue to index at a later time as well. After entering the required indexing information, your document(s) are automatically filed in the correct location for you inside of DynaFile. 

Drag and Drop Document Management

Save To DynaFile

Save documents directly into DynaFile from any application.

Sometimes, there may not be an easy way to drag-and-drop the documents you want to save into the system. No problem! DynaFile is designed to fit your workflow. You can save documents into DynaFile from any application you're working in. Simply go up to the File menu and select Save As. You will see the option to save to the DynaFile Virtual Drive. Just like the drag-and-drop process, when you save to that location, a small window will pop up and ask you to index the documents so it can get saved to the correct location inside of DynaFile.

Virtually Print To DynaFile

Virtually print documents into DynaFile from anywhere.

Unfortunately, there isn't always an easy way to Save out of the application you're working in. Luckily, DynaFile's got you covered. As a last resort, you can always Virtually Print To DynaFile from any application. This can be especially helpful if you have to save a web page, for example. Instead of printing it off just to scan it back in, simply "print" to the DynaFile Virtual Printer. The system will rasterize the document as an image instead of printing it out. Just like Saving To DynaFile, a small window will pop up and ask you to index the document so it can get saved correctly in the system. No matter where your files are coming from, it's always easy to get them into DynaFile.

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