Break Down Your Record Silos to Improve HR File Management

HR file management can be a tricky situation when information is spread across the organization. Here’s how to consolidate for a more streamlined department.

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Managing HR files on paper can be tricky. Because of this, many companies have started to move towards electronic personnel files. However, it is very common for a paperless project to be put on hold or stalled midway due to a variety of reasons. For these companies, HR file management can be a nearly impossible task. When employee information is spread across various HR, Payroll and home-grown systems; files are all of a sudden stored in a mix of filing cabinet folders, computer desktops and email inboxes. With all of this important information stored in various silos, it’s no wonder HR has a hard time managing personnel files. Here’s how to break the HR record silos.

Finding an HR file management solution

The key to breaking down record silos and improving HR file management lies in choosing an appropriate solution. There are many, many file management options on the market, but some will work better for Human Resources than others. When looking at different HR file management solutions, it is important to consider their ease of:

  • Converting existing paper files
  • Managing miscellaneous paper on an ongoing basis
  • Adding electronic documents to an employee’s folder
  • Document retrieval
  • Access from different office locations
  • Connecting with your existing systems
  • Replacing paper workflows with electronic ones
  • Keeping track of files

Although these are just some of the factors to consider when choosing an HR file management solution, they are at the top of the list regarding importance for most organizations. It may be useful to compile your own list specific to your teams needs to aid in your search as well.

The cornerstone of HR information

It is important to remember that your HR file system really is the central location for your HR related information. When browsing different solutions, ensure that your system of choice allows your team to add information from existing systems, emails, computer files and paper documents from all of your office locations. You should have the ability to:

  • Automatically file completed new-hire documents from your Onboarding system
  • Add tax and pay information from your Payroll system
  • Sync with your HRIS for status and name change updates
  • Drag-and-drop electronic documents directly into an employee’s folder
  • Add paper documents to an employee’s folder

This allows your team to quickly and easily add information to an employee’s electronic file from any system, from any location, at any time. Just imagine how quickly you can consolidate all of that information and break down your record silos when all of your documents have a central storage area.

Keeping your files organized and HR streamlined

Once your HR file system is in place, it’s time to think about automation and integration. Many times you can replace your pen-and-paper workflows with electronic ones. A great place to start is your onboarding process. If you don’t have an onboarding solution in place already, it may be worth a look as you can eliminate much of the paper being generated in HR right off the bat. When integrated with your HR file system, completed onboarding forms can be automatically filed in a new hire’s folder once they have filled out and signed everything.

Another important automation feature of HR file management software is the ability to keep track of information in employees’ folders. You can create custom audit reports that will notify you in case an employee is missing documents from their folder. Each week your team can receive an automated email that will tell you which employees are missing a required document from their folder and which employees have a time-sensitive document coming up for renewal. In this way, your HR file system ensures that you’re always prepared for a file audit with complete and up-to-date personnel folders.

Break the HR record silos with DynaFile

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