Cloud Collaboration

Don't just share. Do business!

Cloud collaboration features allow your teams to do business more efficiently from multiple office locations.
eSignatures, Online Forms and Digital Workflows

Tough getting teams together?

When your organization has teams spread out over multiple locations, finding an effective way to collaborate can be a true challenge. DynaFile lets your employees adopt a paperless collaboration process where geographic location is never an issue. Now you can bring your workflow to the cloud. Share files securely over the internet, get forms completed and signed online, review documents from your web browser and much more.

Secure File Sharing

Share business documents safely online with a variety of secure file sharing methods.

Sharing documents as email attachments is not a secure method of transmitting information. DynaFile provides multiple ways for your teams to share files and keep your information safe in transit. Choose from a variety of online file sharing options to fit your business needs.

Secure File Sharing Software
DocuSign Electronic Signatures
eSignatures, Online Forms and Digital Signatures

Electronic Signatures

Use esignatures for internal approvals or to get documents filled out and signed paperlessly.

In most instances, electronic signatures can now be used as a legally binding alternative to pen and paper signatures. DynaFile integrates with DocuSign to provide esignatures and online forms that can be executed right from your online filing cabinet. Information entered into the fields of your DocuSign forms can even be used to automatically file your documents after they are signed and completed.

Version Control

Track changes and keep a record of every version of a document stored in the system.

DynaFile makes it easy for teams to collaborate in real time. Version history keeps a record of all separate versions of a document in the system and lets you leave comments specific to each version.

Document Management Version Control
Document Management Annotations and Redactions

Floating Annotations

Add annotations and other page-level markup to documents without effecting the original content.

Annotations can be added to pages of your documents to help streamline your online review process. Other page level markup like symbols, stamps, watermarks and highlighting can also be added to further aid in digital review, redact information or get a file ready to be sent to a third party. All annotations and markup "float" above the page to retain the original content of the document.

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