Employee File Management Software

Go paperless. Boost productivity. Streamline HR.

DynaFile allows Human Resource departments to consolidate employee information and easily manage it from the cloud. 

Employee File Management Software

Consolidate With Compliance

DynaFile makes it easy to consolidate employee information from paper files, HRIS, ATS, email, and electronic documents.

  • Scanning automation features add entire paper file to the system at once.

  • Save information from HRIS and electronic documents directly to DynaFile.

  • HR admins can control access to specific types of documents like PHI.

Employee File System

Keep Files Organized & Accessible

DynaFile keeps employee information organized and easily accessible to authorized personnel.

  • Indexed filing system auto-files documents in the correct place every time.

  • Index search allows for instant retrieval and reports across all employees.

  • Cloud storage allows authorized personnel 24x7 access from anywhere.

Electronic Employee Onboarding

Take Onboarding Paperless

DynaFile integrates with DocuSign to provide a completely digital employee onboarding solution.

  • Replace pen and paper with online forms and electronic signatures. 

  • Onboarding packets can be filled out and legally signed before day one.

  • Completed documents are auto-saved to DynaFile with expiration alerts.

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About DynaFile

DynaFile is scan to cloud document management software. Take an entire department paperless fast with scanning automation tools. Then, easily manage all of your files from the cloud. Instantly retrieve, share and collaborate on documents securely from anywhere.

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