Paperless Onboarding in 30 Days: How to Start Jan 1

The employee onboarding process typically generates a lot of paper.  Here are a few ways to start employee records paperless January 1st with online forms and cloud filing. 

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Paper forms, PDF email attachments, and faxes are a tough way to start a new employee file in the digital age.  Organizations that experience a lot of growth, have a highly seasonal workforce, or tend to see a lot of turnover know the struggle best. 

Here’s how to take HR paperless for 2019 to improve onboarding and file management for your HR team.

Paperless Onboarding Forms

Going from paper to digital new hire forms is a game changer.  Onboarding packets can be reviewed, completed, and signed online before an employee’s first day (or in person at the office).

Solutions like DynaFile can automatically file forms after the signature process for easy electronic file management and retention. 

Employee File Management

One of the biggest perks of taking your onboarding forms paperless is that everything starts digital from Day 1.  This means long-term management of employee records is simple.

Cut down on file requests by giving teams access to just the files they need, no matter where they’re located.  Audit reports keep track of required and renewable documentation in staff folders automatically.  And best of all, when it’s time for an audit, make just the files requested available to your auditor remotely.

Scanning Paper HR Files

Now, what to do with the paper employee files you have right now?  A scan-to-cloud solution like DynaFile can help your HR team take a shortcut to paperless

Built-in scanning automation tools allow you to file while you scan to bring in entire folders at once and manage ongoing paper easily. 

Start Paperless Jan 1

With DynaFile, most HR teams can start paperless in 30 days.  Want to start Jan 1 or earlier?  Contact us today to learn more with a demo!

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