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HR Uses Scanning Automation to File Personnel Records in the Cloud

HR is moving away from paper this year and managing employee files easier from the cloud. Here's how to use scanning automation for a shortcut to a paperless HR office.

Going from paper to electronic employee files can give the HR team a huge boost.  And, these days, the switch can be easy with the right tools.

Here's how the Human Resources team can use scanning automation to take a shortcut to electronic employee files and a paperless HR office.

Scanning Automation

Some electronic filing systems have built-in tools designed to make paper conversion quick.  Look for these scan-to-cloud filing systems in order to skip many of the steps in traditional …

HR Upgrades to Online Files and Forms to Streamline the Whole Department

Thinking of making the move to electronic employee files and a paperless onboarding process? You're not alone! Here's how HR teams are upgrading this year.

Eliminating all of the paper that comes across your desk may seem like an impossible dream, but it's not.  All over the US and across the world, organizations are switching away from paper.  The benefits of electronic employee files and paperless form processes are too big too ignore.

Here are some of the ways going paperless gives time back to Human Resources professionals.

Online Forms

Much of the paper that's kept in employee folders is created from the onboarding process.  By having new …

Easy HR Audits All Year with Cloud Document Management

When the team moves from paper employee files to cloud document management, HR audit stress becomes a thing of the past.

With employee files on paper, HR audits can be an ongoing, stressful situation.

Now that many companies are moving to electronic employee files, it becomes easier to keep track of required forms in staff folders. Much of the traditional audit process can be streamlined using cloud document management for HR. 

Here's how HR can have easier audits all year long by switching from paper to cloud document management. 

Automatic Reports

With a cloud document management system, HR can …

The Best Document Management Software for 2018 Takes HR Paperless Fast

The best document management systems for 2018 will be cloud software that makes it easy to take the Human Resources team paperless fast.

It can be tricky trying to find the best document management software. 2018 can be the year that the company finally moves away from paper and towards a more efficient electronic filing system. There's only one catch - you need a practical plan to go paperless.

Who produces the most paper?

The best document management software in 2018 will make it easy to optimize teams that produce and manage the most paper, like the Human Resources department.  Focus on these areas of business first to …

HR Starts 2018 Paperless with Electronic Files and Forms

2018 is right around the corner. Is your HR team ready to start the new year strong? Here's how to move to electronic employee files and paperless onboarding in 30 days.

It's that time of the year again.  Office life is winding down and staff are thinking about all of the amazing possibilities the new year can bring.  Is a more streamlined HR department on your team's wishlist?

Here's how to take your Human Resources office paperless in 30 days to start 2018 off strong.

Scan To Cloud Filing

Converting your existing paper files can be a fast and easy process with the right tools.  Scan-to-cloud filing systems allow your team to skip many of steps typically …

Cloud Filing System Keeps iCIMS and DocuSign Onboarding Forms Paperless

Stop printing after onboarding! Paperless onboarding solutions like iCIMS and DocuSign connect to HR electronic filing system DynaFile.

Traditional pen-and-paper workflows are going digital these days to give time back to the HR team.  One of the big ways Human Resources professionals have started to cut back on paper is by switching to an electronic onboarding process. 

Replacing paper with electronic onboarding solutions like iCIMS and DocuSign can significantly streamline the process for everyone involved.  But what happens afterwards, when all of the forms have been completed?  

It turns out that lots of companies are …

HR Uses Scan To Cloud Filing System for a Shortcut to Electronic Files

Starting with electronic employee files and paperless onboarding this January is simple. Here's how HR can get there fast with a scan to cloud filing system. 

Switching away from paper forms and files to a more digital office environment can happen quicker than you might think.  Many times, HR teams can go paperless in 30 days or less with a scan to cloud filing system.

Here's how your Human Resources department can start paperless this January with scan to cloud filing. 

Scanning Automation

Scan-to-cloud filing systems are a unique type of electronic filing solution.  These solutions include scanning automation tools designed to work directly …

Hit the Ground Running in January with Paperless Files and Forms

Want to start 2018 off on the right foot? HR can hit the ground running paperless this January with electronic filing and forms.

Has the Human Resources team become a little wary of wrestling paper this year?  It might be time to consider making the switch to a paperless HR office. 

Moving away from paper towards electronic files and forms can help streamline the entire department.  Best of all, with today's paperless HR solutions, most HR departments can go paperless in under 30 days. 

Here's how to hit the ground running this January with electronic files and forms. 

Paper Conversion Automation

If you want to go …

Cooking Up a Paperless Plan for HR

Scan to cloud HR solutions provide a shortcut to paperless employee files with all the trimmings. 

This time of year, many companies are looking to switch to electronic files and more paperless processes in the HR department.

With a scan-to-cloud filing solution, taking the HR department paperless fast is all gravy.

Here's how to cook up a paperless plan and move to electronic employee files with all the trimmings. 

Scanning Automation

Having the ability to automate the conversion of your existing paper files in-house is a huge benefit.  Scanning automation allows your team to scan …

Electronic Filing System Helps HR Streamline Employee Document Management

Human Resources professionals are moving to an electronic filing system to help streamline employee document management.

Managing employee files on paper can be a huge challenge for the Human Resources department. Critical forms are easily lost or simply misfiled, making them impossible to find in the moment during an audit.

Compliance regulations like HIPAA and GDPR require companies to maintain a secure record of this sensitive employee information. These days, it's becoming harder and harder to stay compliant on paper.

Here's how companies are leveraging an electronic filing system in HR to streamline …

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