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Cooking Up a Paperless Plan for HR

Scan to cloud HR solutions provide a shortcut to paperless employee files with all the trimmings. 

This time of year, many companies are looking to switch to electronic files and more paperless processes in the HR department.

With a scan-to-cloud filing solution, taking the HR department paperless fast is all gravy.

Here's how to cook up a paperless plan and move to electronic employee files with all the trimmings. 

Scanning Automation

Having the ability to automate the conversion of your existing paper files in-house is a huge benefit.  Scanning automation allows your team to scan …

Electronic Filing System Helps HR Streamline Employee Document Management

Human Resources professionals are moving to an electronic filing system to help streamline employee document management.

Managing employee files on paper can be a huge challenge for the Human Resources department. Critical forms are easily lost or simply misfiled, making them impossible to find in the moment during an audit.

Compliance regulations like HIPAA and GDPR require companies to maintain a secure record of this sensitive employee information. These days, it's becoming harder and harder to stay compliant on paper.

Here's how companies are leveraging an electronic filing system in HR to streamline …

3 Simple Steps to Paperless HR

Looking at the benefits of electronic employee files? Here are 3 simple steps on how to take HR paperless in 30 days.

Have you been considering switching away from paper in the HR department? Human Resources professionals are realizing big benefits by going digital.

These days, moving to electronic employee files and reducing paper in the HR office is easier than ever. Many companies can streamline the entire HR department in 30 days with a paperless filing solution.

Here are 3 simple steps to paperless HR:

1. Automate Paper File Conversion

Long gone are the days of a tedious, drawn-out scanning process. …

Don't Be Scared to Make the Move to a Paperless HR Department

When HR manages employee files on paper, moving to an electronic filing system can seem scary. But it doesn't have to be!

Making the switch from paper to electronic employee files doesn't have to a frightening experience. There are paperless HR solutions available now that make it easy to transition from filing cabinets to a true electronic filing system. Best of all, these systems aren't just an interim solution - they provide robust file management and online workflows to ensure your files stay paperless going forward.

Automate Paper Employee File Conversion

Paperless HR solutions should include an easy way …

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DynaFile & iCIMS

DynaFile partners with iCIMS to offer an end-to-end paperless solution for HR professionals. Powerful talent acquisition tools land top …

Electronic Filing for iCIMS and DocuSign

Streamline HR with an end-to-end paperless solution for filing, onboarding, and other forms.

These days, paper forms are a thing of the past. For Human Resources professionals, this is fantastic news. Previously paper-intensive processes like employee onboarding or policy acknowledgements can now be completed online. Best of all, forms signed electronically can automatically create the new hire's folder in the cloud and file everything inside. Here's how it works!

Electronic Onboarding Process

With an electronic onboarding process, HR uses digital templates for their forms that can …

New Paperless HR Project Implements Electronic Employee Files and Onboarding Fast

Going paperless can bring huge benefits to HR. Here are some of latest techniques for moving to electronic employee files and onboarding.

Moving away from paper sounds very tempting to many Human Resources professionals. Managing all of the forms and other employee-related documents across an entire workforce can be a serious challenge on paper.

When you're dealing with a traditional filing cabinet, paper folders and files are easily misfiled, misplaced, crumpled, or accidentally destroyed. This can cause big problems when the HR team needs to produce a file for an audit or at a staff member's request.

Going paperless can …

How Paper Slowly Suffocates HR

Paper filing systems tend to move towards greater disorder, slowly suffocating HR teams.

Raise your hand if you like dealing with paper! Well, I'm not surprised at the lack of enthusiasm on this subject. Human Resources professionals deal with a ton of paper and keeping it all organized can be an incredible challenge. 

Unfortunately, paper IS the filing method being used by a huge number of HR departments - simply because it's what they started with back when there was no alternative. After working with paper files for so long, you may not even realize how much time is wasted  …

How Water-Tight is HR's Disaster Recovery Plan?

In the wake of hurricanes Harvey and Irma, Human Resource departments review Disaster Recovery Plans and consider electronic employee files.

In the wake of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, companies are taking a closer look at their file management processes. The Human Resources office is one spot where a natural disaster can cause serious damage. It's critical for HR to have a strong disaster recovery plan in place as it seems that these days, we should expect the unexpected.

The Challenge of Paper Files

Paper files can be a real headache to manage. They are easily misfiled, misplaced, crumpled or lost - it is just so easy for filing …

Companies Look to Paperless HR Solutions for Improved Employee File Access

Paperless HR solutions give companies the power of eliminating record silos to consolidate files while improving compliance.

Has accessing employee files become a challenge at your organization? It's a problem that is all too common for Human Resources professionals. The speed at which paper files can go from tidy to a disorganized mess is astounding.

Many companies are now moving to a paperless HR solution to help manage critical employee information. Here are some of the reasons why:

Instant File Retrieval

With a paperless HR solution, your employee files are securely stored in the cloud. Team members from …

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