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HRM: Employee File System Manages Personnel Records In The Cloud

HR management is not always as easy as using one comprehensive HRMS. Employee file systems are gaining popularity in HR for maintaining employee files more effectively and increasing on-boarding efficiency.

Not all human resource management systems (HRMS) are created equally. There are many options to choose from when trying to decide which system will be best for your HR department. Depending on a variety of factors, some will naturally fit your business better than others. Some companies have found that they need more effective on-boarding capabilities or a better way to maintain employee files. Quite often, human resources find that what they really need is an employee file system.

What is an …

Paperless Employee Files Provide Instant Document Retrieval

Paperless Employee Files Provide Instant Document Retrieval

Paperless employee files are becoming the new efficient way to avoid the old school methods of storing papers in cumbersome filing cabinets. Anyone who has worked in an office before recent years will remember how much floor space was taken up by these monster cabinets and how easy it is to have files turn up missing. When a document becomes lost in a file cabinet, it's the equivalent to having that lonely sock mysteriously disappear in the dryer - you will never see that document again!

When …

How To Go Paperless: 5 Steps To Going Paperless

Going paperless is a large transition. Use these 5 steps to help your company go paperless quickly and painlessly.

There are a lot of factors to consider when your company begins planning to cut paper from its business process. "How to go paperless?" And, "How to stay paperless?" are two critical questions that must be answered before jumping into the transition.

Take a look at the 5 steps below to help your business come up with a solid plan for: how to go paperless.

Step 1: Convert paper files to electronic format In many cases, this is the big scary step that companies get caught up on. Sometimes …

Human Resources Filing Best Practice

Human Resource departments handle a lot of important information that needs to be managed appropriately. These best practices utilize today's technology to file personnel documents safely and efficiently.

It's not easy keeping everything organized and secure in HR. There is a lot of documentation running through the department and a lot of compliance issues that have to be met while managing it all. Filing is a simple thing that has a huge impact on how efficiently your HR department - and entire company -  can run. Here are some best practices for filing personnel documents in your Human Resources department that use inexpensive technology to help you transition away from paper and towards a …

How To Scan To PDF: Document Imaging For Business

Document imaging or scanning is a large part of going paperless in your business. Learn how to scan to PDF or TIF format and their advantages.

One of the main parts of going paperless in your business is converting all of those paper files to electronic format. For many companies, this means scanning or "imaging" those paper documents into a digital, computerized version. One of these electronic versions is the PDF file type. So, how do you scan to PDF? Let's start with a little background.

What is PDF? PDF stands for Portable Document Format. "PDF is a file format used to represent documents in a manner independent of application …

How To Convert To Electronic Personnel Files

Paper employee files can get disorganized very quickly. Making the transition to digital format is easy, but may seem a little scary at first. Here are some tips on how to convert to electronic personnel files.

HR deals with a ton of paperwork as it is. Why not make it easier for them to manage employee files? By converting to electronic personnel files, your department can gain an enormous amount of efficiency, eliminate new paper from being generated and reduce costs significantly.

Here are some time-saving tips on how to convert to electronic personnel files:

Convert to electronic personnel files quicker with scan to cloud technology Scan to cloud filing systems like DynaFile allow HR to convert …

Paperless Employee Files: Five Practical Factors to Consider Before Transitioning

Paperless employee files can help streamline HR tremendously, but the transition can seem overwhelming at the start. Use these 5 tips when considering filing solutions for your department.

Transitioning to paperless employee files can be quite a daunting process. There are many factors to consider, including legal requirements and the practicality of how they are organized in the system. Once a business has decided to go paperless, the first step is to establish a document retention policy that takes into consideration every type of employee file. Be sure you consider these five tips when looking into paperless employee filing solutions.

Retain color for certain documents When …

Electronic Filing System: Software That Keeps Business Files Organized & Accessible

Electronic filing system software boost productivity by increasing organization and reducing the time required to find and file documents.

Is your company currently filing all or most of its documents in paper format? Maybe you're using a network file share, but have to make it only accessible to a few administrative users due to security and compliance? Although a great step from paper-based filing, network file shares are really lacking when it comes to practicality and ease of use. Now with electronic filing system software, your employees can have instant access to files, yet maintain a high level of security and control over …

Online Employee Files Help HR Avoid Legal Minefield

Keeping personnel records secure and organized is a real challenge with serious consequences. Online employee files can help your HR department avoid a legal minefield.

"Handling employee records is no longer a minor logistical headache. It's a legal minefield and one little misstep can literally blow your company - and career - away." - Business Management Daily.

What does this mean and how can you avoid it? Well, security is the most lethal bomb that can hit your HR department. Once files are accessed, your ability to protect documents is questioned for a long time. Is that file cabinet secure? If a person is in the file cabinet looking for folder A, how do …

Paperless Employee Files: A Safer Way To Handle Protected Information

Storing employee files in paper format can cause your organization serious problems. By switching to a paperless employee filing solution you can eliminate risk and the recursive costs of paper filing - all at the same time.

Business is becoming more and more digital every day. As your organization looks for new technologies to help improve current processes, it's important to choose solutions that will bring true value to your company. For businesses still using traditional filing methods to store protected information like employee files, a paperless solution should be at the top of the list.

Traditional Filing Traditionally, employee documents are organized in manila file folders, which are then alphabetized in …

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