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Paperless Employee Files: Five Practical Factors to Consider Before Transitioning

Paperless employee files can help streamline HR tremendously, but the transition can seem overwhelming at the start. Use these 5 tips when considering filing solutions for your department.

Transitioning to paperless employee files can be quite a daunting process. There are many factors to consider, including legal requirements and the practicality of how they are organized in the system. Once a business has decided to go paperless, the first step is to establish a document retention policy that takes into consideration every type of employee file. Be sure you consider these five tips when looking into paperless employee filing solutions.

Retain color for certain documents When …

Electronic Filing System: Software That Keeps Business Files Organized & Accessible

Electronic filing system software boost productivity by increasing organization and reducing the time required to find and file documents.

Is your company currently filing all or most of its documents in paper format? Maybe you're using a network file share, but have to make it only accessible to a few administrative users due to security and compliance? Although a great step from paper-based filing, network file shares are really lacking when it comes to practicality and ease of use. Now with electronic filing system software, your employees can have instant access to files, yet maintain a high level of security and control over …

Online Employee Files Help HR Avoid Legal Minefield

Keeping personnel records secure and organized is a real challenge with serious consequences. Online employee files can help your HR department avoid a legal minefield.

"Handling employee records is no longer a minor logistical headache. It's a legal minefield and one little misstep can literally blow your company - and career - away." - Business Management Daily.

What does this mean and how can you avoid it? Well, security is the most lethal bomb that can hit your HR department. Once files are accessed, your ability to protect documents is questioned for a long time. Is that file cabinet secure? If a person is in the file cabinet looking for folder A, how do …

Paperless Employee Files: A Safer Way To Handle Protected Information

Storing employee files in paper format can cause your organization serious problems. By switching to a paperless employee filing solution you can eliminate risk and the recursive costs of paper filing - all at the same time.

Business is becoming more and more digital every day. As your organization looks for new technologies to help improve current processes, it's important to choose solutions that will bring true value to your company. For businesses still using traditional filing methods to store protected information like employee files, a paperless solution should be at the top of the list.

Traditional Filing Traditionally, employee documents are organized in manila file folders, which are then alphabetized in …

Planning To Implement Online Filing System

Online filing can help your organization go paperless very quickly, but planning your implementation is an important first step.

Depending on the size and age of your company, making the move to paperless can seem like a huge project. However, with a little planning and the right tools, moving to an online filing system can become a reality quicker than you ever thought. 

Developing A Plan While you are in the beginning stages of transition, the following points should help to make your working plan:

· Study challenges that others had to solve and relate them to your own document storage needs. Begin to identify the …

HR Tech: Employee Onboarding Best Practices

Looking for a way to streamline your onboarding process? Combine these technology best practices to save time, money and frustration.

Every company has their own style when it comes to managing employees and the onboarding process is no different. There is a lot that goes into preparing a new hire and each business will handle this differently. However, when it comes to the technology involved in getting that fresh talent signed up, trained and ready to work, there are a few best practices for employee onboarding that can be used to ensure a smooth transition to the new work environment.

Paperless Onboarding Hiring a new …

Secure File Sharing For Business Prevents Breaches

Secure file sharing should be a crucial element of your organization's workflow. The importance of restricting the access of sensitive information to only authorized parties cannot be understated. Here are some tips on how to keep your business-critical information safe in transit.

Your business probably already utilizes some of today’s popular cloud technologies. Whether its for storing and accessing data or for easier collaboration, cloud applications are becoming the norm. They provide 24x7 secure remote access and more efficient backup and recovery - all with less maintenance than in-house systems.

But while your project teams are enjoying the advantages of collaborating on reports and having forms filled and signed quicker online, you have to wonder - are these …

Online Document Management Reduces Paper & Increases Efficiency

It's time to finally get organized. Online document management can help your company reduce paper and increase efficiency across the entire organization.

The life of a paper document begins at the lumber mill chipper and ends in the office shredder. In the meantime, it lies dormant and infrequently accessed in a file folder (another paper and plastic product) and in an expensive file cabinet.

Nowadays a new four-drawer commercial file cabinet could cost as much as $200 and occupy premium office and storage space, while contributing nothing more than “auxiliary standby” services to the operation of an organization. Multiply that cost five-fold …

Zen & The Art Of The Paperless Office: Striking The Right Balance

By applying the concept of yin and yang to to your document management process, a phased approach can help your business strike the right balance while transitioning to a paperless office.

There’s something rather mystical about the idea of running an organization without the danger of paper cuts covering your hands and disorganized filing cabinets taking up most of your office space. Cutting down on paper in day to day business can seem like a daunting task, but by applying the simple idea of yin and yang, transitioning to a paperless office can actually be extremely simple.

In Chinese philosophy, the concept of "yin and yang", is used to describe how seemingly opposite or …

3 Ways To Auto File Documents: Automatic Filing For The Paperless Office

A scan-to-cloud system can reduce the hassle and cost of managing paper documents with automatic filing.

Let's face it, pushing paper is not most people's idea of a good time. Dealing with paper forms and documents is messy and time consuming. While technology has already helped advance your business in other areas, traditional filing methods can often be the one of the last things to get replaced. This is a huge concern when you think about how much time is spent retrieving a file, locating the document you're looking for, re-organizing the file folder and then re-filing it in the correct …

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