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Paperless Employee Files Provide Instant Document Retrieval

Paperless Employee Files Provide Instant Document Retrieval

Paperless employee files are becoming the new efficient way to avoid the old school methods of storing papers in cumbersome filing cabinets. Anyone who has worked in an office before recent years will remember how much floor space was taken up by these monster cabinets and how easy it is to have files turn up missing. When a document becomes lost in a file cabinet, it's the equivalent to having that lonely sock mysteriously disappear in the dryer - you will never see that document again!

When it comes to employee files, the traditional filing cabinet has been the primary source of document management until recently, and many companies are still using them. Here at DynaFile, we're helping companies increase efficiency and lower costs with software that lets you scan to the cloud with paperless automation. Now you can convert employee files to electronic format in bulk with automatic indexing and filing. After a quick conversion, you are then able to retrieve employee documents securely from the cloud with controlled access and filtered search.

You'll be amazed at how efficient the process of document indexing really is and how much time it's going to save compared to filing by hand.

Paperless files are always in the right place.
The biggest problem with the standard method of filing has always been misfiling something in the wrong folder. With document indexing, you can be assured your documents are filed in the correct location every time. No more worrying about enforcing naming conventions or spelling someone's last name wrong. Thanks to the cloud, storage space is extensive and extremely organized. When indexing, you can create as many indexes as you need. It's also easy to retrieve those files securely - from anywhere, at anytime - through a detailed index search feature.

The advantages of batch filing.
The strongest difference between doing manual filing and paperless filing is in the ability to file large amounts of files at once. Through batch filing, you can index numerous scanned (or electronic) documents all at the same time by categorization. Previews let you see exactly what document is going in where so you don't have to do a guessing game on how those files are being stored.

A more detailed organization.
Another strong point of document indexing is avoiding the old standard filing system. Organizing everything alphabetically is great, but it doesn't always make for the quickest retrieval method when you need to find a file fast. When indexing documents, you can organize your files into categories that allow for much more efficient retrieval to compliment your specific business needs.

Every business is going to be different, and being allowed to file a document under specific business categories increases efficiency tenfold. HR, for instance, can categorize files based on employee name, employment status and type of document (like benefits, tax forms, performance reviews, etc). Even better, you can add your own descriptions and tags to make finding files even quicker.

DynaFile is a cloud employee file system that let's HR go paperless easier than you ever thought possible. Contact us today to learn more about our paperless automation features and see how it can improve efficiency in your HR department.

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