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Electronic Student File Software

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DynaFile is scan-to-cloud filing software that helps school districts, colleges and other educational institutions operate more efficiently. Scanning automation tools let you take your student files paperless quickly and easily. Moving forward, staff can save or virtually print documentation directly into an student's electronic folder from any application they're working in.

Integrated online forms and electronic signatures allow for a completely digital student onboarding process to further reduce paper being created internally. Admins have full control over access rights for specific users in the system to access just the types of documents they need. DynaFile also connects to your Learning Management System (LMS) to automatically sync student data. You can even run exception reports to ensure all student folders are up to date with all required documentation. Want to see how it works?

A Shortcut To Paperless Files

Take a shortcut to electronic student files with unique scanning automation tools.

Time to go paperless! DynaFile helps you do away with bulky, disorganized filing cabinets to gain control over your documents. Use powerful scan-to-cloud features to automate the conversion of your paper student files to electronic format. With Barcode Recognition, you can convert an entire student file at once! Moving forward, Batch Processing lets your team easily manage additional paper coming in that may need to be added to a student's folder. With DynaFile's hybrid filing solution, dealing with paper is just as easy as managing electronic documents.

Electronic Student File Management Software
Electronic Student Management

Add Documents Fast

Don't waste time printing, copying or drilling down through folder after folder.

Keep it simple! Adding documents to a student's folder shouldn't take all day. DynaFile makes it quick and easy to add files no matter what format they're in. While Batch Processing can handle infinite pages of paper documents, DynaFile's Drag & Drop Drive allows your team to bring electronic files into the system with one graceful motion. Easily add documents from your LMS, email, hard drive or any other application. And, just in case there's no easy way to "save" out of the application you're working in, you can always "virtually print" documents directly into a student's folder as well (no paper needed)!

Retrieve Files Instantly

Give your office secure access to the documents they need with no lag time.

Boost efficiency! Fishing through an overflowing filing cabinet is no way to find a critical piece of documentation. With DynaFile, retrieving documents from a student's folder takes just a couple of clicks. Since all files stored in the system are indexed, you can pull up documents based off of things like Student Name, ID, Grade, Document Type, Expiration Date or other custom identifiers. Search results are displayed instantly in DynaFile and one more click opens the document up for you to review, print, fax or share electronically.

Retrieving Electronic Student Records
Secure Student File Management System

Share Documents Securely

Make files available to only the individuals who are authorized to see them.

Streamline document distribution! With DynaFile, sharing files is simple and secure. Admins can assign segmented access rules for internal staff roles to ensure only authorized employees can see specific protected information in student files. This allows you to consolidate folders for things like medical, test results and disciplinary into one system, yet still maintain security around those specific sections and types of documents.  

Getting documents out to students, parents and other external individuals is easy, too. Encrypted document links can be sent via email and provide a secure pathway to documents in a student's folder. Document Links give the recipient limited access to those specific documents and can be set to expire in a certain amount of time. You can also fax documents directly out of the system using eFax.

Online Enrollment Forms

Take your enrollment process to the cloud to give time back to admin and parents.

Ditch the pen and paper! Enrolling new students requires parents to fill out quite a bit of paperwork. Integrations with DocuSign, signNow, JotForm, PandaDoc, and Adobe Sign  provide your admin team with online forms, digital workflows and esignatures. Now you can get all enrollment paperwork reviewed, filled out and signed completely electronically. Once finished, signed enrollment forms are automatically filed in the new student's folder inside of DynaFile. Best of all, you can use the same process for other forms, too. This can be especially useful for approval letters or for getting parent signatures on grades and test results.

Electronic Student Enrollment
Learning Management System Integration

Connect To Your LMS & SIS

Automatically synchronize student data from your Learning Management & Student Information Systems.

No need for redundant updates! Since you already store data about your students in other record filing systems, there's no need to continuously update that information in DynaFile as well. DynaFile can sync with your LMS and SIS to automatically update student data when changes are made. That way, when students change grades, last name or status; that information is automatically updated in DynaFile when the change is made in your LMS and SIS.

DynaFile in Action

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