Scanning Automation

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Scanning automation tools let you take an entire department paperless quickly and easily.
Scanning Automation Software

Paper piling up?

Something that sets DynaFile apart from other cloud document management software is a set of unique scanning automation features designed to work directly with the system. DynaFile's scan-to-cloud tools make adding paper files to the system a snap. Now you can archive back files in bulk and easily manage the miscellaneous paper that comes across your desk. Give your department the power to automate the conversion of paper files to electronic format with barcode recognition. It's a true shortcut to electronic files! Batch processing can also be used to scan and file a stack of miscellaneous paper documents. Want to see how it works?

Barcode Recognition

Barcode recognition organizes and files your documents automatically as they are scanned.

Barcode cover sheets separate large file folders into sections before scanning. As your files are scanned, DynaFile reads the information provided by the barcodes to automatically file your documents for you. This is a great solution for converting back files to electronic format.

Automated File Scanning Software
Batch Scanning Software

Batch Processing

Scan a batch of unrelated documents into the system and then organize them from your web browser.

Import paper documents to DynaFile in bulk with batch scanning. On-screen processing lets you break apart and index them after scanning. This method works best for a stack of unrelated documents.

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