File Upload

Uploading files is easy!

Use DynaFile's Drag & Drop Drive to add documents to the system quickly.
Drag and Drop Drive To Upload Files

What good is a document management system if you can't easily get documents into the system? DynaFile offers multiple ways to get your documents registered.

  1. The most basic method of getting documents into the system is through the browser based uploader where you will be able select any file on your computer or network, upload it and then register it into the system. Once uploaded, users will easily be able to perform actions on that document, such as creating a public link.
  2. To provide even greater simplicity, users may install the "Save To DynaFile" virtual drive on their computer so that they can upload multiple files as easily as if they were saving to their local computer. Once uploaded, the user will simply be presented with a registration screen whereby they can classify the document and assign access to it.

Drag and Drop Drive To Upload Files