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"DynaFile has improved our productivity by over 50%; Eliminating the time required to retrieve documents and allowed each employee to have greater accuracy."

Healthcare Document Management

Convert patient files into electronic medical records.
Access, manage and send files securely from the cloud.

Electronic Medical Records Made Easy

Using a paper filing system to store medical records can become a nightmare. It’s often difficult to find specific documents in a hurry and sharing information with insurance providers via the postal service can be a long and tedious process. DynaFile’s online document management system eliminates the need for bulky paper medical record storage and provides a quick and easy way to convert archived patient files into electronic medical records (EMR). All records are stored in compliance to HIPAA regulations and can be shared securely directly from the cloud. Contact us today for a live web demo.

Access Patient Files Instantly

Never waste time searching for medical records ever again. DynaFile makes it easy to access and manage all of your electronic medical records in one place by allowing healthcare professionals to:

Retrieve Patient Files Instantly
  • Keep patient files extremely organized in a custom electronic filing system
  • Pull up medical records instantly by patient name, member ID number or any other custom identifier
  • Add new test results, updated forms and insurance information to existing patient files effortlessly
  • Create fresh records for new patients fast
  • Leave floating comments on medical records, highlight text, add markup and attach stamps of approval
  • Have patients sign forms electronically with Docusign eSignatures
  • Share information securely via document portal, encrypted links or e-fax
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Automate Medical Record Scanning

Make the transition to a paperless office quick and painless. DynaFile can help transform entire filing cabinets of patient files into electronic medical records quickly by allowing doctors and healthcare providers to:

Automate Medical Record Scanning
  • Scan entire patient files directly into the system in seconds
  • Use barcode cover sheets as section separators to automatically index and organize paperwork within a record as it is scanned
  • Utilize batch processing to scan massive amounts of files into the system simultaneously and index them at a later time
  • Scan in newly signed documents and attach to new or existing EMR instantly
  • Use one-touch scanning to send scanned documents straight to DynaFile
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Maintain HIPAA Compliance

Maintaining HIPAA and Joint Commission compliance can be a challenge, but using an electronic medical record system can help. DynaFile provides a HIPAA-compliant document management solution that:

HIPAA Compliant Document Management
  • Ensures security, privacy and confidentiality for Protected Health Information (PHI)
  • Keeps patient information private with multi-level, password-protected access
  • Stores medical records in a verified SOC 3 compliant data center
  • Confirms continuity of information through real-time document versioning
  • Monitors all system activity for individual user activities as well as user groups
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