Physicians Looking Toward Scan to Cloud Systems for EMR Conversion

With all of the changes hitting the Healthcare industry, physicians are looking toward scan to cloud filing system to convert to EMR.

Adapt to healthcare reforms seamlessly with DynaFile's Scan to Cloud Systems for EMR Conversion. Streamline medical record management, ensure secure access across locations, and capitalize on Meaningful Use incentives. DynaFile: the solution physicians trust amid evolving healthcare landscapes. Discover more today!

Healthcare reforms have caused increasing hardships for medical practitioners. Many insurance networks are laying doctors off, and hospitals are now shifting toward paying a fixed salary per year rather than a fee-for-service. Physicians are now leaning toward joining group-practices in conjunction with their hospital employment. Complicating this issue is the Affordable Care Act’s required implementation of the ICD-10-CM coding system.

How can DynaFile help physicians during these hectic changes?
There is an increased and ongoing influx of newly insured patients due to the health reforms. This means a significant amount of newly created medical records. This obviously leads to increased filing and application processing. DynaFile offers an almost completely automated filing system. It does so via three methods of scanning: barcode recognition, on-screen organization text recognition. Barcode recognition allows for grouping documents via one barcode, and automatic text recognition allows for your computer to automatically group documents by words it sees in the documents. This automated eFiling system will cut down on new patient application processing and medical record filing considerable.

Given that group practices have many office locations, and that physicians work in several group practices as well as hospitals, DynaFile offers versatility that these situations demand. Once your documents are scanned you can opt to upload all your patients’ medical records into our cloud system which can be accessed from any computer with an internet connection, or even your smartphone. This way if patients visit any of your offices, their records are easily accessible. Sometimes, patients have emergencies and you get patient calls from home – you can securely access their medical records from your home computer as well!

Best of all, DynaFile allows for multiple users to access your patient medical records. Make information available securely via Virtual Data Rooms such that other physicians in your group can view all patient medical records as well.

What other benefits does going paperless with EMR’s give to your practice?
Healthcare reforms implemented the Meaningful Use incentive program. This program rewards physicians with monetary incentives if they switch their medical records to an electronic health record system. DynaFile’s versatile system allows a physician to take their paper medical records paperless quickly and easily, allowing for sharing of electronic health records with other providers.

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