Revamping Your HR Document Management to Comply with COVID-19 Vaccination Requirements

Navigating the Hurdles of Maintaining Employee Records of Vaccination and Testing.

Streamline HR compliance with COVID-19 vaccination mandates using DynaFile's advanced document management solution. Navigate new obligations effortlessly with secure vaccination record tracking, instant reporting, and robust cloud-based features. Get started now for a future-ready approach.

On September 9th, the White House issued the COVID-19 Action Plan: Path Out of the Pandemic. The Plan outlines a national strategy that will impose new obligations for employers across the country. Under the Plan, the employee medical records of roughly 100 million workers will need to comply with the new mandates.

Among these measures are:

  • Mandatory Vaccination or Weekly Testing for All Employers with 100+ Employees
  • Mandatory Vaccination for Federal Executive Branch Workers and Government Contractors
  • Mandatory Vaccinations for Health Care Employees at Medicare and Medicaid Participating Facilities

Addressing the Needs of COVID-19 Vaccination Record Tracking

Employers that fall into these categories face the challenge of navigating the legal issues and operational barriers related to maintaining employee records of vaccination and testing. With this in mind, employers and HR leaders must create new policies, workplace testing strategies, vaccination record tracking, and secure medical record collection and retention. Moreover, organizations using paper employee filing or an outdated document management system could find themselves spread thin with the added manual administrative tasks.

Choosing the Best Document Management Solution for Your Organization

Employers must adopt a comprehensive HR document management system to knock down barriers and achieve full employee record compliance with the mandates. With the robust framework of DynaFile’s scan to cloud HR document management solution, your organization can overcome these hurdles and leverage the power of instant and secure reporting that provides actionable insights.

Keep in mind that your chosen HR document management solution should solve these crucial issues:


DynaFile Public Upload Feature
With a simple, secure link, employees can upload their COVID-19 vaccination card or weekly test results. Then they are reviewed and saved directly to the employee’s online personnel file by an HR team member. As a result, your HR leadership can instantly access these records to confirm compliance with the new mandates.


Simplify Record Compliance with Exception Reporting
A complete document management system, like DynaFile, can automate your folder checklist to show you exactly what files are missing, coming up for renewal, or expiring soon. You can create a COVID-19 summary audit report showing the effective date of the weekly test, vaccine type, and date of fully vaccinated employee status. As we continue our battle with the pandemic, the reports will include any booster vaccines. The best part of this kind of reporting is seeing who has specific documents in the system and those missing a particular record. HR leaders can always export reports in excel to share with department or location managers as needed.


DocuSign Integrations with Bulk Send
When employees must renew a vaccine-related form or update documentation for their folder, they can do so digitally as well. First, send staff a link to the documents they need to complete. Then, the signed forms are automatically saved in their folder for long-term file management. 


DynaFile Secure Document Links
Simplify your record audits with a system that can track required documents for vaccinations and weekly test results. With files centralized in the cloud, you can easily lock down access to sensitive types of files, as well as define group-level access. If an auditor needs to check compliance, simply give them access to the specific documents they request, and they can view them remotely from the cloud. 

Take the Next Steps and Empower Your Team Today

After more than a year of uncertainty, organizations continue to navigate the rapidly changing environment. HR leaders are at the forefront of initiatives to respond to a wide range of changes. DynaFile can be fully implemented in under 30 days and includes a dedicated account manager. You receive personalized training and ongoing support at no extra cost. 

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