The Right Filing Solution Gives Time Back to the HR Team

A streamlined filing solution for HR is critical for keeping things running smoothly across the organization.

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Is your current filing system holding back your HR team?  Whether you’re still working with paper or storing files electronically, ensuring a strong file management strategy is key for HR. 

Documentation needs to be stored with a high level of organization to comply with regulations like HIPAA, and you must be able to be provide exactly what is requested when audited.  Here’s how the right HR filing solution can help do that and more to give a huge boost back to the HR team.

Run Smoother Audits

A lot HR departments are used to a traditional audit process where the auditor comes on-site and requests to be physically presented with specific files.  Many industries, however, like Healthcare are moving to paperless audit process where auditors request that files are made available to them remotely. 

The right HR filing solution should allow the HR team to run audit reports to ensure all employees have the required documentation in their folders, and that everything is up-to-date.

A good filing solution will also allow HR to make just the files the auditor requests available to them remotely, with limited read-only access.  This piece alone can save HR a ton of time on internal audits and overseeing auditors in the office.

Access Files Easier

Passing files between Recruiter, Payroll, Generalist, and other team members can be tough without a solid, paperless workflow.  With the right HR filing solution, it’s easy to segment access for different roles and responsibilities.  For example, you can give the payroll team access to just payroll documents in the system so there’s no lag time due to requests piling up. 

Cloud filing systems are popular for this reason as well because different teams can access their files no matter their location.  Business runs smoother when your teams have the files they need.  

Get Rid of Paper Fast

Maybe the most important factor if you’re coming from paper files, is making sure the filing solution you choose has an easy way to go digital.  A scan-to-cloud filing system is a popular choice, especially in HR.  You can automate paper scanning in-house with barcode filing or batch scanning to take a shortcut to electronic files. 

These scan-to-cloud systems are also very practical because they provide long-term, hybrid filing options.  Automatically file after forms are signed, drag-and-drop files from the computer, or easily scan future documents directly into employee folders.  Productivity soars when HR spends less time on redundant tasks like filing and retrieving documents, and more time focused on talent.  

Get Started This Summer

With the right HR filing solution, your team can be paperless in 30 days.  Give us a call today to learn more about how DynaFile has been helping companies streamline filing for over 15 years.  Our scan-to-cloud filing system makes it easy to go paperless fast and gives time back to HR. Contact us to learn more!