Top Benefits of Digitzing HR Employee Filing in 2022

Transform your employee filing strategy with a cloud document management system to streamline processes, cut time, and save costs.

As 2022 unfolds, consider the transformative power of digitizing HR employee files with DynaFile. Boost efficiency, enhance productivity, streamline processes, reduce paper waste, and ensure compliance. Dive into the digital age, minimize hassle, and supercharge HR operations. Discover why leading HR experts trust DynaFile. Get started today!

Top Benefits of Digitizing HR Employee Filing in 2022
Looking to streamline processes, maximize efficiency, and increase productivity? It’s no secret that employees work more productively when they aren’t weighed down by old-fashioned paper files and can find what they need immediately. As 2022 grows closer, many organizations are looking to improve processes for the coming year. One of the most significant areas to consider is your document management strategy. The following are some of the top benefits of making the digital transformation in the New Year.

Maximizing Efficiency
One way to maximize efficiency is by eliminating unnecessary steps that waste time. With many HR professionals working from home, timely access to your files is a real issue. By digitizing all employee records into one location, employees can securely access those files from anywhere with internet access, helping streamline processes and increase productivity without compromising compliance. 

DynaFile’s indexed filing solution allows you to store your documents in a secure cloud for instant access from anywhere, at any time. Instead of just dropping files in a folder and hoping you can find them later, every single document is indexed. That means you can effortlessly search to find it 2 or 10 years down the line. You can scan, upload, and retrieve documents quickly in batches instead of going one by one. And, best of all, HR can determine precisely how things are labeled and organized, making it a quick and easy transition to a new system. 

Increasing Productivity
Good HR cloud storage software should make your work life run smoothly by giving you the tools you need to support the HR department and the entire company. A paper-based employee file can be nearly impossible to keep organized. An extensive employee count, rapid growth, or high turnover only make it more difficult.  

DynaFile’s secure, cloud-based platform gives you instant access to essential documents and saves hours weekly, allowing you to give more time back to your team while increasing productivity. Powerful integrations will enable you to seamlessly connect to HRIS/HRMS solutions like ADP, Ceridian, Kronos, Oracle, Paychex, Paylocity, PeopleSoft, SAP, UltiPro, and Workday.

Streamlining Processes
HR employee filing can be a significant pain point for businesses. What happens when there’s a new hire or an employee resigns? Without an efficient HR file management system, you could spend hours searching through paper files and manually inputting data into HRIS systems. 

Implement an electronic employee onboarding solution that gives you the tools to complete the onboarding process remotely. Go digital with online forms from trusted sources such as DocuSign and iCIMS that automatically create new hires’ folders inside DynaFile. From there, your team can easily add documents to staff folders. Streamline document management across the entire employee lifecycle to save time and improve compliance long term. 

Minimize Paper Use
Dealing with paper documents is a hassle. It’s not just that they’re heavy and bulky; it’s also more challenging to access them than electronically stored files. A single employee or hiring manager can end up with a lengthy paper trail including hundreds or thousands of pages. 

Scan-to-cloud document management systems have powerful scanning automation tools built right in. These allow you to digitize and file entire employee folders with one scan. Batch scanning tools make it easy to scan in a stack of paper and easily file it away in the correct place from your computer screen. 

Avoiding Compliance Issues
Keeping employee records up-to-date and compliant can be highly tedious, and the HR team is responsible for ensuring employee files are up-to-date and managed with compliance. When an auditor inevitably requests to check on your files, HR must know their files are current with all required information. 

The right document management solution lets you quickly see if staff folders are current with required documentation, making audits seamless and hassle-free. Reports keep track of required and expiring documents in staff folders automatically, so there is never a scramble in the event of an audit. Files are indexed and highly organized so that you can control access to sensitive types of documents like I-9’s, medical, vaccination status, and other confidential records. You can give auditors access to specific documents while eliminating file requests from payroll, location partners, and department managers, and they can view them remotely from the cloud.

Make the Digital Transformation in 2022
A paperless, cloud-based HR employee file management system could offer your organization many key benefits in the New Year. Automating your document management solution gives time back to your team to focus on strategic initiatives and drive business goals forward. 

Learn why successful HR leaders have trusted DynaFile as their employee file management solution for over 20 years. Contact our team today for more information about paperless HR employee file management!