The Future of Document Management is Here: Discover DynaFile’s Latest Release

DynaFile Revolutionizes Document Management

The Future of Document Management is Here: Discover DynaFile's Latest Release

DynaFile once again set the benchmark with the release of its latest version, showcasing an array of features designed to revolutionize how we handle documents in the cloud.

A Leap Forward in User Experience

Imagine finding any document you need in seconds rather than minutes. DynaFile’s brand-new, super-intuitive search bar makes this a reality. Personalize your workspace with customizable columns, ordering, and sorting options to prioritize the information that matters most.

Adding documents is now a breeze with drag-and-drop functionality. No more wrestling with complex upload processes – enhanced drag-and-drop features allow you to effortlessly add documents directly to employee folders. Innovative pre-population functionalities understand context and recognize unique values, making document addition and registration faster and more user-friendly than ever before. 

Collaboration and Sharing, Redefined

DynaFile’s update redefines how we collaborate and share documents. Control is in your hands with set expiration dates for shared links, ensuring you’re always in command. The ability to share specific document pages as attachments or convert to PDF for sending enhances focus and collaboration. Imagine seamlessly working with colleagues, even those outside the DynaFile ecosystem; this update makes it possible. To further cloud workflows, connect your DynaFile account to your Microsoft 365 or Google email for direct contact lookup and send emails directly from your own account.

Cloud Workflows Redefined: Share and Work Together Seamlessly

DynaFile fosters effortless collaboration with colleagues, both inside and outside your organization.

  • Set expiration dates for shared links for complete control over document access.
  • Share specific document pages to keep information focused and relevant.
  • Collaborate seamlessly with colleagues, even if they don’t have a DynaFile account.

Ready to Transform Your Document Management?

DynaFile’s latest update can revolutionize your document management. With enhanced user experience, streamlined document handling, and bolstered security and compliance features, DynaFile stands out as the quintessential solution for businesses looking to elevate their document management systems.

This latest release of DynaFile highlights our continued commitment to listen to the needs of our clients and continually innovate our platform to meet those needs, to streamline the user experience and to ensure compliancy with the ever changing security landscape.

Brian McCleary | DynaFile’s VP of Operations

Schedule a tour today and experience:

  • Enhanced Productivity: Find what you need faster than ever before.
  • Improved Collaboration: Work seamlessly with your team.
  • Unmatched Security: Keep your documents safe and sound.

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