Summer Filing System Updates Improve Employee Files for HR

Summer is a popular time for HR to update and upgrade their filing system.  Making the switch results in improved file management and lasting benefits for HR.

Summer is prime for HR filing system updates! Experience seamless file management with DynaFile's cloud-based solution. Transform HR audits, enhance cross-team access, go paperless, and streamline e-form processes with integrations like DocuSign. Dive into 15+ years of HR filing excellence. Get in touch to explore more.

Could your HR files use an update?  Summer can be an excellent time to upgrade to a better filing system for the HR team.  With lasting benefits like easier audits, access across teams, and best of all – less time filing, you’re due for a change. 

Centralized Filing

Managing files effectively can be near impossible when employee files are disorganized across paper, systems, teams, and offices.  It is amazing how big of a boost you can give back to the HR team when file management is consolidated and redundant daily tasks become automatic.

With an updated, cloud filing system for HR, audits become a piece of cake.  Instead of manually checking to ensure everyone has what they need in their folder, let the system check for you.  Simply run a report to see which staff need to update or add files to their folder.  When an auditor requests files, you can even give them remote access to just the files they request so they don’t have to come on-site.

Another huge deal is making files available across teams and offices.  With your documents in the cloud, there’s no longer lag time around passing files between HR, Payroll, Benefits, Managers, etc.  Access rules can be used to lock down sensitive types of documents and ensure staff can only see the files they are authorized to view. 

Easier Forms

Nowadays, HR can have nearly all of their forms signed electronically.  Services like DocuSign let you create templates for all of your forms, design the workflow to go along with the process, and have everything completed online.  Once finished, forms can be automatically filed with your audit reports and access rules applied. 

No More Paper

Typically, one of the biggest challenges HR faces when updating filing systems is getting away from paper.  Scan-to-cloud filing systems are an excellent choice as they allow you to automatically file while you scan.  For example, DynaFile’s barcode processing method can convert and file an entire employee folder in one shot.  Going forward, simply scan or drag-and-drop files directly to staff folders in the cloud, or use online forms to start paperless from the beginning.

Start This Summer

Ready to upgrade?  Contact us at DynaFile to see how our HR filing solution has been helping companies for over 15 years.  Our scan-to-cloud filing system makes it easy to go paperless fast and manage employee files long-term with robust tools.  DocuSign and iCIMS integration also automatically files forms after signature to help new hires start paperless from Day 1.  Contact us to learn more.