Streamline New Hire Paperwork in 2015 with Electronic Onboarding

Onboarding paperwork can be frustrating for new hires and HR alike. Streamline it this year with electronic employee onboarding.

Onboarding a new employee creates a lot of paperwork. Before new hires can officially join the team, there is a stack of onboarding documents that they must review, fill out and sign. For many companies, this means a good portion of your new employee’s first day is spent tackling these forms with a trusty pen in hand. Completing onboarding packets the old fashioned way can cause problems, though.

With so much documentation to review, it can be very easy to skip over an important section or forget to add a critical signature. New hires are also faced with the urge to plow through onboarding paperwork as fast as possible so they can move on to tasks more closely related their new job. When all is said and done, HR is left with a hastily filled out onboarding packet in form of a giant stack of paper. Reviewing an onboarding packet in this format can be pretty tedious. This year, why not ditch the pen and paper? Here’s how to streamline new hire paperwork in 2015 with electronic employee onboarding.

No More Incomplete Information On Onboarding Forms

With paper onboarding forms, it is incredibly easy to skip over an important section or forget to add a required signature. Many times to make these required sections pop out more to new hires, HR will manually highlight important sections or add “X”s everywhere a signature is required. This is a huge waste of time!

With electronic onboarding forms, you can create templates for your onboarding packets. Simply use your existing onboarding forms as a base for your template and use an easy drag-and-drop interface to overlay them with digital form fields. You have the option to make any field in your templates required. So, when you’re new hire is going through their onboarding packet, they won’t be able to complete and sign off on it until all required fields are filled out. Best of all, once created, onboarding templates can be used over and over again for all of your new hires. 

Onboarding Paperwork Can Be Completed Before Your New Hire’s First Day

With a pen and paper onboarding process, your new hires probably feel a bit of pressure. They don’t want to waste time filling out tax forms and reviewing the employee handbook on their first day. They want to hit the ground running, meet their team and start doing the job they were hired to do. Electronic onboarding allows them to do just this.

Online forms and electronic signatures can replace pen and paper forms. Now, your new hires can review, fill out and sign all of their onboarding documentation remotely, before their first day on the job. HR simply selects the appropriate onboarding packet and enters the new hire’s name and email address. Your new employee will receive an email with instructions and a secure link to their onboarding documentation which they can now review and complete at their leisure, pressure-free. 

Say Goodbye To Paper Filing

Paper onboarding packets can get messy quick. Certain sections need to be copied to go out to different departments and certain sections need to be treated with a high level of security. In this situation it is very easy to skip a step, lose a piece of paper or misfile something. One of the nice things about electronic onboarding is that much of this is automated for you. Once the new hire has completed their onboarding packet, it gets automatically routed to the next person in the workflow (Payroll, Manager, HR, etc). Once all individuals in the workflow have completed their sections of the packet, a new employee folder is created and all completed onboarding documentation is filed inside automatically. 

Take A Look At Electronic Onboarding This Year

If you’re considering switching to an electronic employee onboarding process this year, contact us today. DynaFile’s onboarding and file management software has been helping HR departments operate more efficiently for over 15 years. Our comprehensive solution helps you take your existing files paperless fast. From there, manage all of your files more efficiently from the cloud with secure, 24×7, segmented access. Moving forward, you can stop creating paper all together by replacing pen and paper processes with online forms and esignatures. Contact us today for a free demo!