Stop Printing After Onboarding: A Paperless HR Strategy that Ties it all Together

Long-gone are the days of paper forms and files. Nowadays, HR can ditch the printer for a more streamlined experience.

Revolutionize your HR's onboarding experience with DynaFile! Transition to a truly paperless strategy, integrating online workflows, hybrid filing, and reaping lasting benefits like easy audits and cloud access. Embrace a seamless, digital HR journey this summer in just 30 days. Connect with us to discover the perfect fit for your HR needs.

Having a digital onboarding process is becoming the norm, but many companies still wind up printing after signature or end up with documentation silo’ed across different areas.  Here’s how you can adopt a more paperless strategy to streamline onboarding and file management across the entire HR team. 

Online Workflows

A lot of companies have a solution for getting tax forms and other generic onboarding documents filled out digitally.  Unfortunately, most companies also have additional documentation that may be difficult or unavailable for completion through recruiting solutions.  This can lead to employee files becoming increasingly difficult to manage when they are dispersed across various formats, systems, and physical locations. 

By choosing a signature solution that is flexible enough for all of the forms your team deals with can be a huge plus.  DocuSign, for example, allows you to create reusable templates for all of your forms and works with DynaFile to automatically file after signature.

Hybrid Filing

You can go as paperless as you like with your signature and file management process, but – let’s face it – someone will inevitably hand you a piece of paper.  Hybrid filing solutions can be very valuable here as they include easy ways to bring in both electronic and paper files. 

For example, DynaFile users can drag-and-drop digital files into employee folders, but also makes it easy to file paper in bulk.  Scan new paper directly to employee folders or automate the scanning of your legacy paper to move to digital fast.

Lasting Benefits

By starting employee files electronic from the start, HR will see a ton of lasting benefits.  Since your files are centralized in the cloud, teams can access to the files they need from anywhere, at any time.  There’s no longer a lag between getting files back and forth between different HR roles, Payroll, and managers.

Audits become much easier, too, since all of your files are digitally cataloged.  Just run a report to see exactly which staff are missing required documents from their folder or have a form coming up for renewal.  When an auditor requests to review files, you can simply give them limited, remote access to just the documents the want to see. 

Getting Started

Summer is one of the most popular times for HR to consider making changes to the onboarding and filing process.  With DynaFile, your HR team can move to a more streamlined, paperless onboarding and filing strategy in 30 days. 

Want to learn more?  Contact us today for a quick call to see if DynaFile would be a good fit for your HR team!