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Move from paper documents to electronic personnel files in 30 days or less.

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Onboarding Paperwork Piling Up?

Implement an end-to-end electronic employee onboarding process and go digital with online forms and e-signatures.

Powerful integrations with DocuSign, PandaDoc, and Adobe Sign provide e-signatures, digital forms, and online workflows. so HR can “paper up” new employees without printing a single sheet. Instead, online forms are used to capture employee information, and electronic signatures are used to authenticate during the onboarding process. Now new hires can review, complete, and legally sign all onboarding paperwork online before their first day on the job, streamlining HR and reducing stress on new employees. Completed onboarding packets can be routed to any number of parties like Payroll and Hiring Managers, then back to DynaFile for quality check. Once approved, all onboarding documents are automatically filed in the employee’s folder within DynaFile. By removing pen and paper roadblocks, HR can stop generating paper and operate smoother than ever.
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Electronic Onboarding Forms

Online forms are used to collect employee information during the onboarding process.

Take your onboarding forms paperless! Scan or upload your existing onboarding forms to become the base of your onboarding templates. Onboarding templates can include links to supplemental documentation like an employee handbook for policy acknowledgements for review, as well as a space to add an attachment for things like a photo ID or a voided check for direct deposit.

Form fields can be set to validate for specific inputs like SSN or phone number to protect against typos. Information entered on forms early in the onboarding packet is also auto-completed on subsequent forms to eliminate repetitive entries. Best of all, new hires can only finalize their packet once all required information is filled out and signed so HR is ensured that they are receiving complete information from the onboarding process.

Electronic Onboarding Forms
Electronic Signatures

Electronic Signatures

Electronic signatures capture a legal and binding agreement from staff.

Replace inked signatures with e-signatures! DynaFile integrates with global leaders in digital transaction management, providing the world’s most trusted electronic signatures. Now new hires can legally sign onboarding forms and other documentation from anywhere, at anytime. A new employee’s first day no longer has to be taken over by a stack of onboarding paperwork. All information can be collected and signed off on before day one, so they’re ready to hit the ground running. Alternatively, new hires can sign all of their onboarding forms in person on a computer or on a tablet in the office.

Other HR Forms

Seamless integrations can also be used to get other documents filled out and signed.

Make your other processes paperless, too! The same integrations with DocuSign, PandaDoc and Adobe Sign can be used for much more than employee onboarding. Get the most value by using it to replace paper approval processes or to get any other kind of documentation filled out and signed entirely digitally. Policy acknowledgments, PTO requests, wage increases, corrective counseling forms, performance reviews, etc., can all be completed, signed, and processed digitally. Like onboarding documents, other forms are automatically filed in the employee’s folder inside DynaFile after being signed. 

Other HR Forms
Connect with Existing Systems

Connect with Existing Systems

Connect to your HRIS & HCM software to centralize employee documents in your secure DynaFile cloud for faster filing and retrieval.

Providing your staff with a paperless onboarding and file management experience has never been easier! Through an exciting partnership with the iCIMS Talent Acquisition platform, there is no longer a need to print or scan your onboarding paperwork. Our integration with iCIMS automatically creates the new hire’s folder in DynaFile and files all completed iForms. From there, HR can use DynaFile’s rich file management tools to instantly retrieve documents, segment access for different internal/external roles, and keep track of required and expiring documentation in staff folders. Once retention rules have been met, DynaFile can automatically purge archived files for termed employees. From talent acquisition through retention, DynaFile with iCIMS integration provides a paperless solution for the entire employee file lifecycle.

Best Electronic Filing System

We’ve been utilizing DynaFile for our electronic personnel files for over a year. The system is incredibly intuitive and easy to use for all members of our department. We’re also given a great amount of support from the DynaFile team when any questions arise. I highly recommend their product to anyone in need of an electronic filing system.

Rebecca J.

Seamless Integrations

Sync with HCM and onboarding platforms to streamline workflows.


Remove HR Roadblocks

Unlock the Power of Digital HR Document Management.

Implement an automated document management system to shift your attention away from compliance issues and put your focus on strategic initiatives to make your goals a reality. Contact us today to learn why successful HR leaders have trusted DynaFile as their employee file management solution for over 20 years.