Seasonal Companies use Paperless HR to Ease Turnover Headaches

How to ease turnover headaches at seasonal companies. A look at a paperless HR case study with San Diego Zoo.

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If you’re at a seasonal company, you know the Human Resources team is working overtime. Ramping up staffing into the busy season is a huge challenge, but so is keeping track of the files generated going forward. Today, we’re looking at a few key points from a paperless HR case study at San Diego Zoo to find out how they were able to benefit from the move away from paper with a mostly seasonal workforce.

Paperless From Day 1

When you’re doing a lot of hiring, efficiency is key. There are a lot of forms new hires have to fill out before they can jump in with the rest of the team. Streamlining onboarding can really save your HR team a ton of time and make the process smoother for your new staff.

Electronic onboarding is a great way to get new hire forms completed without the need for any paper generation. New staff can review, fill out and electronically sign all of their forms online. This gives you the option to have them complete their information before their first day, or fill everything out on a computer or tablet in the office. Once finished, completed forms automatically create the new hire’s folder for you.

Sometimes, completing forms the old fashioned way is still easiest. In that case, embedded barcodes can be very helpful. With this onboarding method, barcodes are embedded on all of your forms. When the new hire is finished signing, simply scan the entire stack of forms in one shot. Based on the barcodes, the system will know exactly how to categorize and file everything automatically for you.

Future Filing Is Simplified

When your employee files are in electronic format, it becomes much easier to manage them. Access rules ensure that sensitive documents are only visible to authorized staff and can be very specific if desired. Your team can then securely retrieve the files they need from anywhere, at anytime. New documents can also be added to employee folders no matter what where they’re coming from: paper, email, HRIS, payroll, performance – you name it.

Keeping track of files is a lot simpler, too. File audit reports ensure employee folders are up-to-date with all required documents. If something needs to be renewed, staff can complete the forms electronically like they did during onboarding. If your company undergoes an audit, you can give the auditor secure access to just the files they request remotely – they don’t even need to come to the office.

Finally, document retention is no longer a nightmare. Simply mass-delete documents based on Terminated status, expiration dates, folder section, document types, and more.

Getting Rid Of Existing Paper

Scanning stacks of paper files isn’t a fun job, but there are some great tools to help get the task done quicker. Scan-to-cloud solutions offer scanning automation features like Barcode Recognition to help take a shortcut to electronic files. Slide barcoded cover sheets in front of each section of the folder and then scan the entire thing at once. The system will know exactly how file everything inside based off of the barcodes.

A Case Study In Paperless HR

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Going Paperless In 30 Days

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