Scan to Cloud Filing Give HR a Shortcut to Digital When Paper Piles Up

A quick switch to digital and lasting ROI are important when taking HR paperless. Here’s how scan to cloud filing systems provide a powerful paperless HR solution.

Boost HR efficiency with scan to cloud filing solutions. DynaFile's innovative technology provides shortcuts for a paperless transition, making HR document management hassle-free. Enjoy seamless digital integration and stay effortlessly paperless. Experience the revolution in HR documentation; see what DynaFile can do for you – book a demo now!

If your Human Resources team is still managing employee files the old fashioned way, you’ve probably considered going paperless.  Digitizing personnel folders brings lasting advantages that streamline HR document management long-term. 

A fast and quality-approved process for employee file conversion is critical to ensure a seamless transition.  Just as important, though, is providing an efficient HR file management system for after scanning is completed.

Here’s where a scan to cloud filing system for HR shines by providing a shortcut to digital, along with many time-saving paperless solutions that last. 

Go Paperless Fast

Scan to cloud filing systems are unique in that they include shortcuts to paperless for your HR team.  DynaFile, for example, provides unique scanning automation tools to digitize entire employee folders at once, as well as easily handle future paper coming in.  This reduces the time required for scanning and filing dramatically. 

The beauty of a system like this is that it allows you to skip many of the steps in the typical conversion process by scanning directly to the cloud.  This makes digitizing personnel folders in-house a breeze for HR, temps, or interns; but also gives you the option to outsource the scanning if you like. 

Manage Files Easier

There should be a long-term strategy in place for when scanning employee records is finished as well.  Simplifying compliance and building in efficiencies to save your teams time are what make taking HR paperless a big win.

The ability to centralize employee files in one secure place makes HR document management so much easier.  Now you can eliminate record silos to give teams access to the specific files they need, simplify your audit process, and streamline all of your form workflows. 

Stay Paperless

A big challenge with going paperless is actually staying paperless.  Scan to cloud filing systems include shortcuts to batch in paper or digital documents alike as time goes on – so there’s never a need to print.  

Some solutions, like DynaFile, can even tie in to your existing systems to automatically file forms after completion.  This can save time across the entire HR team by streamlining the onboarding process, as well as workflows for post-hire forms. 

Paperless In 30 Days

DynaFile is a scan to cloud filing system designed for Human Resources professionals.  With over 18 years of delivering document management solutions that boost efficiency and cut costs, DynaFile is your paperless pro. 

Most HR departments can be start paperless in 30 days or less.  Want to see if DynaFile is a good fit for your team?  Contact us today to see a demo!