Revolutionizing School Admissions: How DynaFiles Education Document Management Created a 100% Efficiency Boost for Paul Mitchell Schools

DynaFile’s robust education document management features gave a digital makeover to the school’s student onboarding and admissions process.

Education Document Management

Challenges with Paper-Based Education Document Management Systems

Like many educational institutions, the student admissions process can present a paperwork overload. For years, Paul Mitchell Schools operated on a traditional, paper-based system for managing student files. With over 100+ franchised locations, inefficient filing methods proved cumbersome and costly. Imagine the tedious task of storing, boxing, and archiving paper files every couple of years, only to face a labyrinthine search process during record audits. This paper-heavy legacy filing system was a significant bottleneck to productive workflows.

The Solution: Embracing Cloud-Based Efficiency with DynaFile

The game-changer for Paul Mitchell Schools was adopting DynaFile’s cloud-based education document management solution. This strategic move transformed their entire document-handling process. By digitizing and centralizing student files, the schools gained online access to critical information from anywhere, at any time. The integration with tools like PandaDoc and DocuSign not only saved time but also streamlined the entire onboarding process for incoming students. On top of that, the team benefitted from additional features like document preview during uploads that increased filing accuracy and secured and controlled cloud access, which created an audit-ready environment.

 Workflow is Seamless

Workflow is seamless, we are able to file immediately. With compliance we are able to file safely and accurately . When ever we are audited its so easy to find what we need, which makes an audit so much faster. 

 Jackie Cooper | Director 
Paul Mitchell School, Norman, OK

The Results That Speak for Themselves

The impact of DynaFile on Paul Mitchell Schools has been impressive:

  • Increased filing efficiency by 100%
  • Streamlined student admissions 
  • Significantly reduced paper usage
  • Improved file accessibility, review, and accuracy of records
  • Enhanced audit readiness
  • Cost savings on printing, paper, and storage space

Best-in-Class Education Document Management

DynaFile’s education document management system is the perfect solution for school districts, colleges, and other educational institutions looking to streamline administrative processes, boost efficiency and productivity, and improve data security. 

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