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Switching To An Electronic Filing System: What To Look For

Switching to an electronic filing system can help your organization manage documents more effectively. Look for these features when qualifying various solutions.

Does your company still use a paper filing system? Is it nearly impossible to find important information when you need it? Believe it or not, something as simple as going paperless can make all the difference. An electronic filing system is an easy way to keep your business critical documents organized and available. Done correctly, you will not only be able to pull up the information you need in an instant, you will be able to access it from anywhere and at anytime.

Here are some things you should look for when considering different electronic filing systems:

Cloud filing systems vs. in-house
An in-house electronic filing system is one that is built and maintained by your company. It requires a dedicated IT department to make sure it is set up correctly and needs to be routinely checked for proper performance, security, etc. A cloud filing system is one that is hosted in "the cloud." Using a cloud solution means that your filing system actually resides on the software provider's servers and you pay a subscription fee for the service. There are many advantages to a cloud filing system. Here are a few:

  • Access files securely from anywhere, at any time
  • No IT team required
  • No hardware to buy
  • No software to install
  • No upgrades to make
  • No backups to remember

With cloud solutions, your electronic filing system is hosted by the software provider. They take care of all of the maintenance that goes along with the system including backups, upgrades, etc. You simply connect from your standard web browser.

Keeping your business critical information secure
When implementing an electronic filing system at your organization, security is an important issue. You want to make sure that unauthorized eyes cannot peer into your files. You also want to make sure that information access is controlled within your company. Cloud file storage gives you every protection you need to do business quickly and efficiently. Redundant backups are automatic, documents are encrypted during transportation and everything is password protected. Solution providers like DynaFile also allow for a flexible setup so security permissions can be controlled on a document, document type or folder level. You can get as granular as you want when specifying who can access what. 

In addition to standard security features, you may also need to think about compliance regulations. If you are setting up an electronic filing system for a department that is subject to HIPAA laws, for example, you must be in compliance at all times. Learn more about compliance regulations for electronic filing systems.

Metadata indexing files documents automatically
Metadata is information that is stored along with your documents, but does not appear within the content of the documents themselves. When considering different electronic filing systems, make sure that the one you choose files documents by metadata indexing. This means that every document you store in the system is "indexed" with different metadata properties. For example, if you are filing a W-2 form you may want to index that document with Employee Name and Tax Forms. So, when you need to recover that document, simply click on the employee's Tax Forms folder.

The beauty is that your documents get filed automatically so you know that they are always stored in the correct location and can be pulled up instantly. You never have to worry about strict naming conventions, misfiling documents or even losing them ever again. Indexing allows proper categories and descriptions for each document to ensure your files are easy to find and simple to retrieve.

Share electronic documents instantly
When your files are stored electronically, you no longer have to worry about delaying the flow of information. When qualifying different electronic filing systems, make sure that you go with one that includes secure file sharing features. Think of the relief you will experience when the struggle to deal with large email attachments and overnight mailings becomes a thing of the past. With an electronic filing system colleagues and clients can share documents instantly and securely without any additional cost. This makes collaborating from disparate locations a quick and easy task. You can even use electronic signatures and forms to get contracts and other documents completed and signed in seconds.

If your organization needs a better way to manage documents, contact us today to learn more about switching to an electronic filing system. DynaFile's cloud software works great as a departmental solution for large companies or as an enterprise solution for mid-sized businesses.

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