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HR Filing System Software: Managing Employee Files Just Got Easier

Managing employee files can become a large burden on an HR department. Human Resources filing software can help keep employee files secure, organized and accessible.

Keeping employee files organized can be a huge challenge. If you're dealing with a paper-based filing system, it's all too easy to misfile an important document or let it become part of a large stack of papers, never to be seen again. Managing employee files can be tough even when using an HR information system system. Many HRIS software are primarily data-driven and if they include a document management module, it is not often practical for storing employee files. Human Resources filing system software can help HR departments manage employee files more efficiently without a huge investment or long implementation phase.

Here's how it works...

Benefits of using an HR filing system.
Where HRIS software is more for tracking things like attendance, PTO usage, pay history, performance development, training, etc, a human resources filing system is for actually storing and managing your employee files and other documents. It's like an electronic version of your department's filing room. There are a number of benefits to taking your HR filing system digital:

  • File documents quickly and easily

  • Retrieve documents instantly

  • Control access to specific sections of employee files

  • Keep employee files stored securely

  • Implement a paperless employee onboarding process

​​By storing your employee files electronically, much of the administrative stress around managing them can be dissolved.

Cloud HR filing software improves accessibility, maintains security.
Cloud HR filing software takes your electronic filing system and stores it on a web server. This means that HR can access employee files securely from any location. No more waiting hours or days for an authorized administrator to fetch the file that you desperately need now. Cloud HR filing systems like DynaFile have rigid security features that allow admins to create specific access permissions for specific groups of users. These can be applied to certain types of documents, individual documents or an entire filing cabinet. In this way, HR can actually consolidate personnel, payroll and medical files into one comprehensive file per employee. Simply use controlled access features to restrict or allow certain employees to perform specific actions on specific kinds of documents. 

If you would like to learn more about implementing a human resources filing system in your department, contact us today. DynaFile has been helping companies transition to an electronic filing system for over a decade. We can help you figure out the details and get your department set up fast.

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