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Barcode Scanning: Go Paperless Fast With Scan To Cloud Software

Going paperless in 2014 is as simple as using barcode scanning to file documents automatically. Scan to cloud software can get you there!

Going paperless is a dream of many organizations. It increases efficiency, reduces costs and simplifies information management. It can, however, seem like a daunting task to jump in to. Luckily, now there are paperless automation tools that can help your company go paperless quickly and easily. For example, scan to cloud software combines paperless automation with a cloud document management system. This enables your company to go paperless fast and stay paperless.

Scan to cloud software like DynaFile lets you automate the process of:

  • Converting paper files to digital format
  • Indexing them with metadata
  • Filing them in an online filing system

This "scan to cloud" process is becoming as common as drinking coffee in offices around the world. Take a look at using barcode recognition to file documents automatically as they are scanned.

Barcode scanning files a folder full of documents automatically.
A few years ago, scanning a barcode to help separate and organized a large file would have been impossible. Now there is paperless automation software that let you do this with relative ease.

Filing documents automatically with barcode scanning

Let's say you have an employee file for your HR department. This file is probably filed by Employee Name and then split into certain sections like Performance Reviews, Tax Forms, Benefits Info, etc. If you want to scan this entire file to the cloud using barcodes, you would simply print a one page cover sheet. This cover sheet has a barcode that tells the system all of the information about this employee file as it is scanned. Re-usable divider sheets are also used to split the file into its appropriate sections. When the scanner reads the barcodes, it automatically categorizes exactly where each document needs to go so you don't have to worry about tediously filing them in the system on your own. 

This barcode procedure helps immensely when you're dealing with huge amounts of files that are already pretty well organized. The barcodes have specific names and categories entered in advance so you have your own virtual filing assistant. You have more assurance the categorizations will be accurate without having to worry about an employee perhaps misfiling something important. If your files are not very organized or you would prefer to organize them on screen, the second method would be best for you.

Organize your documents in batches on screen.
Some companies want to organize files on their own after scanning documents to the cloud. Batch processing is an alternative procedure of indexing documents in their digital form - after they have been scanned into the system. This allows you to scan an entire folder of documents into the system at once and then organize them on screen. Basically, you will see a preview of each scanned page and use hot keys to quickly select the first and last page of each document. 

This method of indexing documents after they have been scanned works best for disorganized folders that are not already split into well defined sections. This method is also handy for getting a large amount of electronic files indexed and into the system quickly. Batch processing lets you add other pages that you want to include in a file at the last minute. Plus, thanks to merge features, you can also blend two documents together.

Easy compatibility with your existing scanner.
Things have evolved where scan to cloud software can usually link up with your existing scanner. With a mere quick installation of a driver, it's possible to be able to scan your documents with the press of one button. Now going paperless doesn't seem like such a chore!

We hope the above information helped you better understand paperless automation software like DynaFile. If you would like to learn more please contact us for a free demo to see it in action. We have been helping companies increase efficiency and reduce costs for over a decade.. Are you ready to go paperless?

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