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Barcode Scanning Converts Entire Folder To Electronic Files

Barcode scanning can be used to help your company go paperless. Barcode cover sheets convert an entire file folder to electronic format in seconds.

Going paperless is no easy task, but it is definitely worthwhile. The productivity improvements and cost savings alone make it a business no-brainer, but there's also the fact that you'll be directly responsible for significantly reducing your company's environmental impact. With today's paperless automation tools like barcode scanning, businesses can transition to a electronic files quicker and easier than ever before.

Electronic filing systems index documents.
To understand how barcodes can be used to automate the conversion of paper files to electronic format, it's important to first understand how electronic filing systems work. Many use a indexing system to categorize your documents. Indexing information differs between various industries and departments, but generally includes things like the Type of document (W-2 Form, Contract, Work Order, etc) and the Client or Employee Name. This indexing information is then used to file your documents automatically; greatly reducing misfiling errors and eliminating lost documents. 

Barcodes file documents automatically as they are scanned.
When you add scanning automation features like barcode recognition to your electronic filing system, going paperless becomes a whole lot easier. Barcode cover sheets are used as separators for your file folders. Each barcode contains information about the types of documents laying behind it in the file. As they entire file folder is scanned into the system, the information on the barcodes is recognized and used to file your documents automatically. In this way, you can index, convert and file an entire folder of documents in under a minute.

Electronic files provide a number of benefits.
Once your paper files are converted to electronic format, your employees will enjoy a significant boost in productivity. Filing becomes fast and foolproof, and document retrieval is instantaneous. Using document control features, security and compliance is also maintained so that employees are only able to see what they are authorized to see when they log in. 

If you would like to learn more about using barcode recognition in your organization, contact us today. DynaFile's scan to cloud filing software has been helping companies go paperless for over a decade. Request a demo to see how it works.

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