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3 Reasons Your Business Should Be Using File Management Software

File management software is helping companies win the paper struggle. Here are 3 reasons why your business should be using it.

Although some more than others, the unfortunate truth about any area of business is that there are a lot of files that need to be dealt with at any given time. What makes matters worse is that many departments in even the most advanced organizations still use antiquated paper filing methods. In today's business world, this can cost a company a significant amount of time and money. Worse yet, as employees struggle to keep up with the pace of business, it becomes less and less of an initiative to ensure that files are kept organized and accessible, throwing the entire system into a downward spiral. It's a slippery slope, but luckily there is a solution that can help level the playing field.

File management software has become a popular solution for companies to get their departments organized again. Chosen carefully and implemented correctly, good file management software can significantly improve productivity and save an organization thousands. Here are some of the ways file management software can help your business:

Paperless Workflow
By some, paperwork is considered the root of all evil. Producer of paper cuts, destroyer of desk space, spawner of a hundred copies - it would be nice to see paper take it's leave from standard business operations. However, we all know that this won't happen any time soon. So, until then, why not make it easier on your employees by digitizing the process? Nowadays electronic documents, online forms and esignatures allow companies to take their paper workflow to the computer without missing a beat. Things get done quicker, more efficiently and without any waste. 

Secure File Sharing
Another reason you should consider using file management software is for the security of your business information. A good file management software will include robust security features like password protection, encryption, audit trails and more. Keeping that information safe is just step one, though. Employees also need to be able to securely share certain information with other employees or external users like clients, partners, vendors, etc. Many times companies will just email files as an attachment not realizing that it is actually an unsecure form of transmission. A better solution is to utilize the document link features of your file management software which allows you to send a secure path to a file. Document control features, which allow admins to control exactly who can access what, can also be used to create a virtual data room or document portal to make specific files available to a group of users.

Instant Document Retrieval
Giving your employees the ability to instantly access the files that they need to do business in invaluable, but with paper files, it just isn't possible. A good file management software makes this simple. When documents are added to the system they are indexed with metadata properties. These are things like the Type of document (like a Sales Contract or W-2 Form), Client Name, Status, etc (depending on which department the system is configured for). This information is then used to file the document in the correct location automatically. No more wasting time drilling down through endless folders to find the correct location to save a file, no more worrying about adhering to naming conventions - no more misfiled documents. Best of all, though, is that employees can run an Index Search to find those documents insanely fast. Simply enter what kind of document you're looking for along with any other indexing information to narrow it down and presto! Your search results appear with exactly what you wanted to pull up - instantly.

If your department is still using a paper filing system or you would just like some more information about implementing file management software at your organization, contact us at DynaFile. We offer a cloud-based filing solution that has been helping companies ditch paper, improve productivity and lower costs for over a decade. Our solution is unique in that it also includes scanning automation features that allow you to transition to a paperless system extremely quickly and easily. If the 3 reasons above seem like they would bring value to your organization, request a DynaFile demo today.

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