Online Onboarding Templates Save HR & New Hires a Ton of Time

Online onboarding can really improve a hiring process. Take a look at how online onboarding templates can save you a ton of time.

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One of the greatest ways to inspire a new employee is by giving them an incredible onboarding experience. The reason for any electronic onboarding program is to welcome them to your place of business, get them “papered up” and assist them in becoming acclimated to their job as effortlessly as possible.

Employees who have received a smooth onboarding process will feel more confident about joining the team on their first day. They feel more connected to their colleagues and to the company itself. By employing an online onboarding solution, companies can pre-board their new hires, receiving all of their completed and signed documentation ahead of time. This allows new hires to hit the ground running with their team on the a first day at work instead of stressing over a stack of paperwork. 

Online Onboarding Saves Time

There is nothing worse than starting a new position with all of the excitement in the world and then arriving on your first day to – an enormous stack of onboarding paperwork. It is the reality at many workplaces, but it doesn’t have to be. Online onboarding can save your HR staff and new hires a ton of time. Instead of filling out all of their paperwork on day 1, your new employees can complete and legally sign everything online before their first day. Here are some time-savers of onboarding online:

  • Onboarding templates let you create a template for your entire onboarding packet. When it is time to onboard a new hire, simply select the appropriate onboarding packet, enter their name and email address and you’re done!
  • Online onboarding templates allow for auto-completion. Start your onboarding packet with an Employee Data Sheet to capture all of the annoying-to-enter information like the new hire’s address, SSN, etc. You can set up your templates so that this information is only required once and will be auto-completed on all subsequent forms in the packet – cutting down on typos significantly.
  • Onboarding templates allow you to lock down required information. New hires will not be able to complete their onboarding packet until all required information is filled out. Now HR will never again have to worry about tracking down staff with incomplete onboarding information.
  • Online onboarding templates let you include a space for a signer attachment or required link. By adding a “signer attachment” to onboarding documents like your Direct Deposit Form, new hires can upload a copy of their voided check or photo ID as they go through their onboarding packet. A “required link” can also be added to documents like your Handbook Acknowledgement. The new hire will be required to click on the link and view the digital version of your employee handbook before signing off.
  • Online onboarding packets can be routed automatically. Routing and workflow for online onboarding packets can be dialed in as part of the template. So, when you onboard a new employee, you can automatically have the packet sent to the new hire, then to Payroll, back to HR and then filed away.

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