Onboarding Goes Paperless this Spring to Streamline the HR Office

Start new hires paperless this spring to streamline onboarding and file management for HR.

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Gearing up for a busy hiring season can be exciting and a little bit stressful.  If your organization does a lot of seasonal hiring, you may be looking for ways to improve the process. 

Are new hires still reviewing, filling out, and signing their forms on paper?  Or, maybe they complete those forms digitally, but they are printed afterwards? 

Nowadays, there’s an easier way for new staff to complete their onboarding forms and for HR to manage them going forward.  Introducing, paperless onboarding.

Remote Onboarding

With remote onboarding, your new hires can complete most or all of their onboarding forms online before their first day.  Online forms and electronic signatures replace pen-and-paper processes.

Multi-person workflows can route onboarding documents to managers, payroll, and other team members so they can perform their roles without the need for paper generation as well.

Once your workflow is completed, all finished onboarding documents automatically create the new hire’s folder and file everything inside with your audit reports and access rules applied.

In-Person Signing

There are a few ways to help streamline onboarding if it still makes sense to have forms signed in-person, too.

New hires can go through a digital process like the remote one detailed above from a computer or tablet in your office.  This might be helpful if you typically get a lot of questions during onboarding. 

If paper forms are still easiest, HR can now automate the scanning, folder creation, and filing of those documents after they are completed on paper.  Barcodes are embedded on your forms so that the barcode appears every time you print your onboarding packet for completion.  After signature, simply scan the entire packet with a ID page in front and the system will know from the barcodes exactly how to file everything electronically. 

Ongoing Benefits

Since onboarding forms can be a big contributor to paper in your employees’ folders, starting digital from Day 1 is a huge advantage.

Now different teams can access the documents they need from anywhere without lag time between offices.  Give groups like Payroll and Managers access to just the types of files they need.

HR audits becomes a lot easier, too.  Make requested files available to auditors remotely so there’s no need for in-office visits, and run your own audit reports to ensure all employee folders are up-to-date with required documents. 

Starting Paperless This Spring

With DynaFile, most HR departments can be paperless in 30 days.  Start new hires without the need for paper generation and manage files easier over the entire course of their tenure. 

Would your HR team like to start paperless this spring?  Contact us today to learn more about going paperless with DynaFile!