Onboarding Changes Help HR During Summer Hiring Surge

If you work with a highly seasonal workforce, you already know the challenges of peak hiring time.  This year, many companies are making a change to their onboarding process to give time back to HR during the summer hiring surge. 

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A lot of HR departments already have a partially digital process in place for onboarding.  Unfortunately, emailing PDF’s can be a very unreliable way to get forms signed compliantly, and Payroll systems are typically limited to tax forms for the types of documents that can be used.  Either way, after completion, most companies still wind up printing forms and creating a paper file, or use a network file share that can be tough to manage long term. 

Here’s how a switch in the onboarding and filing process can give time back to the HR team this summer. 

Digital Forms with eSignature

Moving forms to the cloud with an esignature provider like DocuSign can save HR a ton of time during the onboarding process.  New hires can review, fill out, and legally sign all of their onboarding documents online before their first day.  Or, they can complete them on a computer or tablet in the office. 

HR can create templates for various onboarding packets that are ready to use as soon as a new hire joins the team.  You can include any type of form in your templates, too, so you are not limited to just tax forms.  Easily make acknowledgements, data sheets, and other organization- or role-specific forms part of the packet new hires have to complete. 

Automatic Filing

After all forms are completed and signed, they can automatic create the folder structure for your new hire and save everything in the correct location.  DynaFile’s integration with DocuSign, Adobe Sign, and iCIMS works in this very way.

The best thing about having your new hire forms filed digitally after onboarding is that all of your audit reports and access rules are also automatically applied when everything is filed.  This streamlines onboarding and filing to make long term file management extremely easy for the HR team.

Easier File Management

Managing files going forward is now much easier with employee documentation being created, completed, and filed electronically from the start.  HR filing systems like DynaFile bring big benefits here.  

Now teams across different offices, roles, and levels can instantly access the files they need from anywhere.  Audit reports inventory documents that are required to be in staff folders and let you know if anything is missing or coming up for renewal.  You can even share the files auditors request remotely so they don’t have to come on site.

Best of all, you have full control of how you manage paper in the future.  With DynaFile, you can file while you scan to take a shortcut to electronic employee files.  On a go-forward basis, easily scan or drag-and-drop additional documentation directly into employee folders. 

Start This Summer

For companies with high growth or seasonal workers, a streamlined onboarding process is key.  With DynaFile, you can move to online forms with automatic filing and easy long term management in just 30 days. 

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