HR Document Management Soothes Compliance Concerns for Personnel Forms

With the right HR document management strategy, concerns about personnel form compliance are a thing of the past.

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Maintaining compliant employee records is an important part of any organization.  Documentation typically includes onboarding forms, policy acknowledgements, medical information, performance evaluations, credentials, trainings, and more. 

The responsibility of keeping personnel folders compliant usually falls on the shoulders of the human resources team – and it’s not an easy job.  However, with the right HR document management strategy, compliance concerns are a thing of the past.  Here are some tools that can make the process much easier. 

Streamline Your Signature Process

You can replace much of your paper process with online personnel forms and digital signatures.  Now all of your forms can be signed and filed in the cloud where you can find them instantly without dealing with paper or manually setting up folders.

You’re not limited to just tax forms, either.  Policy acknowledgements and other company-specific forms can be done the same way.  The best part is that each form is individually identified and automatically filed after the signature process.  This means that tracking files long-term becomes incredibly easy.

Always Know What’s in the Folder

It can be difficult to keep track of forms after everything is completed and signed.  With digital personnel forms, HR can save a ton of time on long-term document management through reports.  There’s no need to manually go into each folder to check. 

For example, you can automate your onboarding checklists, track expiring documents (or documents that get renewed), and easily control retention rules.  That way, you are sure that your employee records are always up-to-date with all required documentation. 

Control Access for Different Teams

A big part of personnel record compliance is keeping sensitive information separate and safe.  This means limiting access to view documents like I-9 forms, medical files, or confidential folders to just authorized staff.  With the right document management system, HR can easily segment access to these files from the cloud

It’s common to use role-based access to allow Payroll to only add or view payroll-related documents, for example.  In a similar way, you can give location or department managers access to just their own staff files.  You can even provide auditors or legal entities a copy of just the files they request without the need for any paper.  All of this cuts back on traditional file requests and the long waiting periods associated with it. 

Take the Next Step for Your Files

If you have an interest in streamlining your HR form and file management process, please let us know.  DynaFile is the paperless HR solution with twenty years of experience.  Your team will save time and increase compliance without ever having to print, make copies, or scan paper documents.  Contact us today for a quick intro to see if DynaFile is a good fit.