HR Can Now Scan to the Cloud for a Shortcut to Electronic Employee Files

Scan-to-cloud filing systems are helping HR move to electronic employee files fast!

Transform HR with DynaFile's scan-to-cloud solutions. Achieve paperless, organized, and compliant employee files in just 30 days! Optimize processes, eliminate paper tasks, and ensure always-ready files. Schedule a free demo.

It’s only a matter of time until paper employee files become unmanageable. It seems that no matter how hard the Human Resources team tries to keep folders organized and up-to-date, there is always a missing form or expired document that can get the company in hot water when an audit rolls around.

For an easier way to manage employee files, many HR departments are switching to electronic employee files; the most popular solution being a cloud filing system. These allow your HR, Payroll and leadership teams to securely access and manage the documents they need from anywhere, at any time.

One of the quickest way to make the transition from paper to electronic files is with a scan-to-cloud system. These unique solutions include scanning automation features that are designed work directly with the cloud filing system.

With a practical scan-to-cloud filing solution, your HR department could be paperless in 30 days!

Accelerated Scanning

Think for a second about the standard scanning process: It’s slow, has many repetitive steps, and is highly prone to user error when naming and creating so many files and folders. A scan-to-cloud filing solution removes these roadblocks to give your HR team a shortcut to electronic employee files. 

Scanning automation tools like Barcode Recognition and Batch Processing allow your team to convert an entire employee’s folder at once. No need to individually name each document or create any folders – the system will take care of that for you!

Want to add more documents to the folder later? No problem. Simply scan paper or drag-and-drop digital documents directly into the employee’s folder from anywhere.

Conversion Partners

Have a big project or just not looking forward to scanning your files in-house? Scan-to-cloud solutions make it easy to team up with a conversion partner to do the scanning for you. Once the project is completed, your HR team gets all the benefits of electronic employee files going forward without having to do any of the back-scanning. 

Huge Benefits

Companies that move their HR department to a cloud filing system receive incredible benefits. Here are some of the ongoing advantages of scanning employee files to the cloud:

  • No More Lost Files
    All files are highly organized by employee name, ID, status, department, etc.
  • Instant Document Retrieval
    Secure access from anywhere, at any time.
  • Paperless Onboarding and Other Forms
    Onboarding, policy and other forms can be completed, signed and filed online.
  • File Audit Reports
    Ensures all folders are up-to-date with required documents.
  • Compliant Consolidation
    Eliminate record silos while maintaining compliance.

Getting There in 30 Days

If you’re ready to ditch the paper, give us a call at DynaFile. Our unique scan-to-cloud filing solution has been helping HR departments go paperless for over 15 years. Powerful scanning automation tools and experienced conversion partners make the transition fast.

From there, redundant pen-and-paper tasks are replaced with reusable workflows for forms and other processes. Best of all, your HR team will always be sure files are up-to-date, in full compliance, and ready to be accessed when needed. Contact us for a free demo below!