How to Switch to Electronic Employee Files this Summer

Want to improve file management for the HR team, but are intimidated by the process? Here’s how to move to electronic employee files fast this summer.

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Managing employee files in an organized and compliant way is a critical part of the HR team’s responsibilities.  Unfortunately, files can be nearly impossible to manage when documents are on paper or spread across different teams, offices, and systems.  

An electronic filing system for HR helps to eliminate record silos and centralize file management for lasting benefits.  Here’s how to switch to electronic employee files this summer and some of the advantages your team will see going forward. 

Scanning Automation

Scan-to-cloud filing systems have become extremely popular for HR professionals.  These electronic filing systems include ways to automate filing while you scan. 

For example, DynaFile’s barcode scanning method lets you scan and file an entire employee folder in one shot.  Going forward, you can also scan or drag-and-drop new files directly into employees’ digital folders.  

If you have a lot of legacy paper files or won’t have the resources to scan in-house, you can always have a partner company do the historic document scanning into an electronic filing system for you. 

Digital Forms & Signatures

Now that your employee files have switched to digital, there’s not much reason to keep your forms on paper.  Nowadays, most companies will use an electronic onboarding process to have new hires complete their forms online before their first day. 

For example, DocuSign is a popular, paperless way to get onboarding and other forms completed in the HR office.  You can create online templates for all your forms and use them over and over again.  After signature, all completed forms are automatically filed in the employee’s folder in DynaFile for easy long-term management. 

Lasting Advantages

Long-term document management with electronic employee files is also much easier.  Staff across different offices, teams, and roles can instantly access the files they need from the cloud.  

Compliance becomes simple as well.  Use access rules to control exactly who can see what in the system.  Run an audit report to see who’s missing something from their folder and give remote access to auditors for just the files they request.  Cloud systems also bring the benefit of built-in disaster recovery infrastructure to ensure your files are safe.  

Make The Switch in 30 Days

Interested in moving to electronic employee files this summer or just need a smoother filing experience in the HR office?  Contact us today for more information or to set up a demo.

DynaFile has been helping companies move to a more paperless HR process for over 15 years.  Our HR filing solution can help your team be paperless in 30 days.

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