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Optimize Your Digital HR Strategy from Outreach to Exit Interview

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Ensure your team has a solid digital HR strategy in place for the remote work environment.

The number of employees working from home has never been higher. With a solid remote HR strategy in place, working from home can be a real game changer for both employees and the organizations they support. When building an online HR strategy it’s important to consider the entire employee lifecycle and make sure each stage has a streamlined digital plan in place.


The very first phase of the employee lifecycle begins with someone finding your open positions. Luckily most companies already understand the importance of a strong online presence to attract applicants. Websites like Craigslist paved the way for more sophisticated online talent acquisition strategies utilizing sites like Glassdoor, Indeed, and LinkedIn.

The other part of the equation is showcasing all of the amazing benefits working for your company provides. To ensure you become (and stay) the employer of choice, though, it’s critical to reenforce those positive impressions through channels like: a well-designed website, active social media presence, and other online communities.


The next step in the employment lifecycle ensures that you are not just reaching any potential applicant, but honing in on qualified candidates that are the best fit for the position. Clear job descriptions, reasonable interview processes, and a transparent hiring timeline will help ensure that in-demand talent isn’t lost during recruitment. This way you always have a steady stream of high-quality candidates to engage with.


First impressions matter and your onboarding processes is a reflection of what your new teammate can expect from your company. Getting organized and staying organized is essential to creating the kind of first impression that makes a new hire excited to join the team – instead of being worried about what they just got themselves into.

Onboarding digitally can get complicated. Lost emails and muddled instructions can leave both sides feeling frustrated. Even when clear communication is achieved, the process can be just as bulky as paper. Many times PDF’s are email, printed, completed on paper, scanned back in, and emailed back in a series of tedious and time consuming steps. Utilizing online onboarding tools like DocuSign and iCIMS help your team stay on track while setting your new hire up for success.

As documents make their way back to your team, a cloud solution is key to staying organized. Unless the plan is to print and create more paper, a robust electronic filing system is absolutely necessary to ensure sensitive documents are locked away – all while giving your team the exact access they need. The best digital document storage solutions tie everything together to save time and increase compliance long-term. Solutions like DynaFile, for example, work with other HR platforms to synchronize employee data, automatically file documents, and eliminate paper long-term. Make sure online onboarding is as flawless and welcoming as your in-person onboarding processes.

Development & Training

Sometimes viewed as a necessary evil online training and development is finally shifting from something your new hires have to “get through” to an engaging and truly informative online experience. New learning management systems (LMS) aim to make learning your companies protocols and policies as captivating as possible with interactive elements and gamification. These tools make training effortless so new hires stay on track and you stay on schedule. Completed trainings can be added to your existing online employee record to centralize document management in the cloud.


Making sure your employees are thriving is equal parts training and performance management. When business unit decision makers have easy access to view and add performance related documentation, they are better able to make sound employment decisions. When nothing is misplaced and quickly available, supervisors get the best understanding of an employee’s history and there’s no need for dozens of file requests going through HR. Of course, you will want to make sure your document management solution allows gives you control over exactly who can view what with role-based access controls and restrictions for sensitive files.


Often an employee’s exit is treated like an elephant in the room – awkward and ignored. Keeping some professional distance and not taking the exit personally provides a great opportunity to harvest valuable insight on your employees’ experience with your company. Repurposing some of your onboarding tools, like DocuSign, can simplify information gathering during offboarding, too. Why not streamline the process for HR and give your former employees a little time to gather their thoughts? That way, instead of a rushed exit interview, you are receiving much more critical insight from the employee perspective.

After offboarding, those documents should flow into your long-term cloud storage for record retention. Be sure your filing system includes audit tools to track missing documents and control purging schedules for files that have reached their retention date.

Optimize Your Digital HR Strategy

A cloud system for your employee files is a key part of your digital HR strategy. DynaFile provides a powerful, easy to use solution that is built for HR. Streamline document management across the entire employee lifecycle to save time and improve compliance long-term. You can connect to other platforms, simplify audits, and control access for different roles – all while ensuring documents are instantly available from anywhere. Contact us today to learn more or see a demo.